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Earth-Bound Entities

by James Johnson


It entered the Milky Way galaxy in the Virgo constellation,
Its spiraling path through the galaxy bringing it ever-nearer
A planet once teeming with activity and animation;
The black hole enveloped in the light of its orbiting photosphere

Growing ever-larger, interacting with other living worlds,
Flares above its photosphere extending light-years,
Guided and intensified by the spiritual energy of extinguished life,
Its material dimension converted into gravity,
Thus forever ending secularity and strife,
The black hole approached -- its photosphere like a turbulent, cosmic ocean

High above its event horizon a magnificent flare of blue light
Reached the planet and its spirits amidst the desolation,
For earth was devoid of any life forms of complexity --
They having been annihilated in a war of mutual destruction

All that remained were restless, ghost-like entities

The Galactic Spirit manifested in the flare of blue light
Felt a kinship with the planet's spirits
And sought to remove them from their present plight
The earthly spirits had proved unable to escape their dwelling place of gloom,
For the impure earth-bound energy embodiment of Armageddon's fallout
Covered the planet, like a sinister, impenetrable psychic doom,

Extending from Southeast Africa, through the Red Sea,
Ripping apart the Holy Land and Asia Minor to the north
Like a winding serpent, its head where Eden used to be,
The planet's longest rift valley starts to open wide:
Red-hot molten lava from below, inundated by the waters rushing forth.

The regional focus of earthly spirituality, into the chaos now subsides
The black hole's event horizon reached the earth's location
Dragging into its vortex the cloud of doom and darkness
Converting it and the hissing, steaming planet into energy of gravitation
The planet's spirit entities would no longer with the Earth remain,
Being free to join the Galactic Spirit and partake of its cosmic domain *


Poem © copyright 1999 by James Johnson <>

Artwork "Blackhole" © copyright 1999 by Theo <>



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