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First Blood

by Jeff Colburn


"Now just relax, Mr. Klempf. This will sting for a moment." She slid the IV needle into the bulging vein on his arm. "There we go. Squeeze the ball and you'll be done in a few minutes. Thank you for donating blood." He watched the round, older nurse waddle away to the next table.

Mr. Klempf laid his head down on the small pillow. He smiled up at the posters on the ceiling, like someone who knew something that no one else did.

Half an hour later he was back on the street. His pint donated, followed by the mandatory fifteen minutes of sitting while putting down a small glass of juice and a cookie, he left.

At the corner he rolled up his sleeve and pulled off the bandage. The puncture from the needle was already healed.

He headed down the street to the next blood bank, chuckling quietly to himself. "Two down," he said, with a dark tone in his voice. "Two more to go, and here's number three." Mr. Klempf entered the blood bank to repeat the procedure.

By dark he was done. Four pints of blood donated throughout the city. "That's part one of my plan completed," he gloated as he walked toward the hills outside of town. "Now to create a need."

* * *

Before midnight he reached a small clearing that butted up against the mountain outside of town. From his pants pocket he pulled a tiny black device, which looked similar to a car alarm activator. He pressed one of several buttons on top. A portion of the mountain's stone face wavered, and the mouth of a small cave appeared. Mr. Klempf walked inside. After passing through the entrance it camouflaged itself again.

A light turned on a moment later to reveal the inside of the newly created cave. On the floor was an escape pod.

As he climbed inside the pod, Mr. Klempf chuckled. "The Kraal should really learn to check their kill. Their ineptness will cost them dearly by the time I'm done here."

His neural implant activated the computer and brought up a map of the city. A moment later an overlay appeared, showing the locations of all the thermal detonators he had placed on the city's natural gas lines. Since they ran through the sewer system, they were easy to access. He had carefully placed the thermal detonators in high-population areas, but well away from the blood banks and hospitals. In the upper right corner of the holographic display, a five-day countdown began.

With a smile on his face, he lay back and drifted off to sleep. His plan complete, now it was simply a matter of waiting for the days to pass. These days would give the blood banks time to process his blood, and to have some of their older blood discarded. Then, after the explosions, he could gather up his newly created allies.

His blood would show as type "O", the universal donor, and be given to four injured humans. The cells in the donated blood would repair and take over the bodies in less than a day, replacing the human DNA with their version of DNA. Then, instead of one marooned alien on Earth, there would be five. The first wave of an invasion force. Soon, converted medical professionals would be injecting their patients with alien blood, calling it a new miracle drug that had just been released by the AMA. Converted New Age practitioners would be dispensing the blood in pill form, calling it an ancient oriental herb.

It may take a year or two, but Earth's population will be transformed.

Mr. Klempf had not intended to colonize Earth, or even land here, but he always showed initiative when opportunity knocked. Besides, his people could always use another five and a half billion expendable soldiers.

* * *

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Story © copyright 1999 by Jeff Colburn <>

Artwork "Holding" © copyright 1999 by Ryan Bliss <> 




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