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Apologies to Norman Rockwell


Here's what Steve has to say: I live way, way out west. I live in an alpine desert. Its hot here, it's cold here, it's windy here. I might as well live on another planet. Which is why I love being where I am. You couldn't live in a place more alien environment in which to live. The skies at night are alive with a plethora of glowing stars and nebula.

I was born in England back in the fifties, came to the states with my folks and have studied art, music and astronomy for many years. I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in painting and drawing and I currently teach drawing, painting and a class for amateur astronomers.

Highlights in my life include marrying my high school sweetheart, having two wonderful intelligent kids; a boy and a girl, winning the Illustrators of the Future contest, meeting my idol and mentor Frank Kelly Freas, and meeting & having dinner with the late greats Gene Roddenberry and Vincent Price.

My web site can be visited at <w3.trib.com/~smunsin> and my email is at <smunsin@trib.com>.

The title of my piece is "Laser Fire". The piece is acrylic on illustration board and there are no computer modifications to the piece.

Editor's Note: Steve's art was also the inspiration for Tom Wagner's story "Exterminator, 1st Class".



Michael Beckett (Artist for "Timing") was born in the Seventies and raised on Battlestar Gallactica, Star Wars, and Star Trek -- not to mention the BBC's finest: Blakes 7 and Doctor Who -- so he guesses it was inevitable he would grow into a sci-fi mad thing. He drew from an early age and carried his passion with him through school and college and university to get some kind of training to visualise the strange fantasies in his head. Well that didn't work, and one day he discovered computers and computer art. That was it: He was hooked and never looked back. Now a poor struggling artist on the PC, Michael ekes out a meagre existence working whenever the call comes his way... E-mail: mikebeckett@denial.freeserve.co.uk. Web page: http://www.denial.freeserve.co.uk/home1.htm

Romeo Esparrago (Artist for "Doublet", "Flittering Headstones", "Reasonable Man", "Steel Stallions") gets to have two bios in this issue - nyah nyah! A self-taught, wannabe artist who does it as a hobby, Romeo is currently creating artwork for Tony Chandler's serial online novel "MotherShip" at Little Read Writer's Hood.

Kalazar (Artist for "The Monk Who Hated Latin", "Mrs. Selby Takes A Lover") is a graphics Web designer of original, free SciFi themed graphics, and is currently creating the graphics for a new video game called NetherGoth. She has a permanent exhibit at the About.com Artist Exchange Gallery, as well as original SciFi and Mundane greeting cards available at www.kalazar.com, with a larger collection of original works at http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Zone/2544/. E-mail: kalazar@earthlink.net

Gopal Krishna Senthil Kumar (Artist for "Savior")is currently working with Communication Design Group, a software company, as a senior creative designer, but not doing what he always wanted (the job is just for survival). Once in a while he gets an opportunity like Planet Magazine, which increases his appetite for creativity. Web page: http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/parklands/153/index.htm. Email: senthilgk@hotmail.com

Duncan Long (Artist for "Hypnagougue") has created illustrations for nearly 50 of the technical books he's written, as well as some 40 articles in national magazines. He makes his living writing; in addition to the manuals he's written, Long has had 13 novels published by HarperCollins and Avon Books. "But my second love is creating fantasy and science fiction artwork," Long says. "The computer really frees the artist to create almost anything that can be imagined." And that's just what Long has been doing, with his fanciful illustrations appearing at a number of Web sites as well as on two covers for Space-Link Books. Long has also created illustrations for covers and stories in Millenium, Exodus, Tomorrow SF, Twisted Underground, and other magazines and e-zines - including Planet Magazine. E-mail: duncan@kansas.net. Web site: http://www.kansas.net/~duncan/Artpage/

Kelly McLarnon (Artist for "Negligence") was Planet Magazine's Featured Artist in our March 1999 issue . She also was honored by MetaCreations on that company's Web site http://www.metacreations.com as the January 1999 Artist of the Month. Currently in high school at her home town of Ottawa, Canada, Kelly takes a great interest in both art and computers. She has successfully combined both passions to start up her own Web design company, Topaz Designs http://www.topazdesigns.com. Email: klm@topazdesigns.com.

Thomas Miller (Artist for "Big Ben" and "Remembrance") will soon be a Fine Arts graduate from East Tennessee State University. He's been doing freelance illustrations for about four years now. He is also trying to build a portfolio of 3-D animation, and hopes to get a career in that field. When Thomas works he usually starts with lots of pencil and ink drawings. After he gets the composition, basic details, and atmosphere he likes, he scans it into the computer and finishes the piece in either PhotoShop or Painter, depending on the look he wants to achieve. Thomas loves using PhotoShop and Painter because he gets the same look as traditional media in a fraction of the time... and undo's are nice to have. When he's not working he's collecting any art, or books, he can find of his favorite artists (Bill Stout, H. R. Giger, Wayne Barlowe, Robert Bateman, and, lately, Brom). He also collects all things dinosaur, so he's always hunting for the newest info and art on them. Web site: http://pages.preferred.com/~digisaur/ E-mail: digisaur@preferred.com.

Nicola Stratford (Artist for "Bone Remnants", "Fugitive", "Planet X", "Remote", and "The Visitor" ) is a full-time thinker about, but part-time producer of, digital art - working for a living keeps her from the computer more than she'd like. She uses Bryce 3 (awaiting delivery of her upgrade to Bryce 4), Photoshop 5, Illustrator 7 and various filters. Along with the newest Bryce, she's expecting a copy of Poser 5 and then ... look out! Her current crop of art can be seen at http://www.blueball.com.au/wow, while two of the web pages she's designed or edited in her salaried job are at http://www.industrialproperties.sa.gov.au and http://www.dhs.sa.gov.au. Roll on a win in the Australian Lotto! E-mail: ncstrat@camtech.net.au.

Billy Tackett (Artist for "Space Monkey King") is a self-taught artist from Northeastern Kentucky currently living in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area. Billy ran a sign-lettering shop for five years before resorting to 9-to-5 factory work. He recently quit his factory job to revive his art career, concentrating on book, magazine, and CD illustrations. And he also attends many art competitions in the Kentucky area. Billy doesn't have too many credits under his belt yet, but he has been working with a book publisher doing three to six covers a month for authors like Brad Linaweaver and Piers Anthony. Billy works in a variety of media, including pencils, color pencils, airbrush, watercolors, pen & ink, and Photoshop, with oils being his latest undertaking. E-mail: arcadi@aol.com.

Dave (Zozzy) Thwaites (Artist for "A.I.") started his artistic life doodling 'psychadelic-abstract-super-modernistic comix' as a hobby but was frustrated by any attempts at colouring them. He bought his first computer to this end but discovered that software such as Photoshop has its own powers of creating artwork from scratch. Instantly hooked by the depth and richness of colours and the psuedo-organic textures possible, he started out on his dream to become a fantasy artist. A thousand long nights later and he thinks he is starting to arrive. Zozzy's take on the question, 'What is Art?' is that art takes from the inner spiritual vision of the artist, be they visual artists, writers, musicians etc., and translates those observations and insights into something that all can share in... hopefully awakening something of the spiritual in each viewer! Pompous, eh? Zozzy hopes to break into the book and album cover market but feels also that the works should stand strong by themselves! The boundaries between digital and traditional art become more blurred by the year and, whether illustrative or not, he views his work as 'fine art'.
Email: dthwaites@rheintal.ch Website Total Zozzy: http://www.geocities.com/~zozzy

Hugh Vogt (Artist for "Web Fingers") is a 27-year-old recent graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, who is very interested in editorial illustration within the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genres. E-mail: warlock@earthlink.net.

Lee Ward(Artist for "Trokar", "Reading Upstream") is a computer programming student living in Georgia. E-mail: ldraw@aol.com. Home Page: http://members.aol.com/ldraw/comic.htm.




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