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Space Monkey King

by Hathno Paige


Came a monkey king
to fight for the simian way

Riding in a saucer
Bananas piled high

He lands in Bronx Zoo central
To the surprise of many an eye

Back-pack rockets fire
And he's headed on his mission

Gonna free some monkey brethren
From another evil prison

Landing in the monkey house
Finding that which he seeks

Monkeys, monkeys everywhere
Locked up in steel links

Pent-up monkey anger
exploded in his rage

He drew his laser pistol
And blasted all not in a cage

It's a silly image
Monkeys flying here through space

Coming to Bronx Zoo
And putting us in our place

But a billion monkeys have lived
And a billion more have died

Should it really surprise us
If one learns to project his mind?

Particles are entangled
Space and time have strings

With worm holes through the universe
Why not an avenging monkey king


Poem copyright © 1999 by Hathno Paige <hathno email either>

Artwork "Monkey Rex" copyright © 1999 by Billy Tackett <>






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