Behind the scenes of "Ostrich Racers"

by featured issue artist Thomas Miller

Planet Magazine is proud to present how artist Thomas Miller created this issue's cover masterpiece. After seeing his impressive development art for the works he donated us for last issue's stories, we invited him to design the cover and background art for this issue.

First came Thomas' conceptual musings.One of them inspired "Dino Farm", whilst another, "Bioluminous Organism", was used as our issue's background pattern.

Below, in Thomas' own words, are the steps he took to create the cover "Ostrich Racers".

The next images will show some of the steps that went into making this image. I started with the sketch above, and drew-in and replaced the parts as I went.
step 2
step 1
step 3 step 4
Here's the final image, I chose for Planet Magazine's cover. Nothing says "wild" like a water-gun toting dirt-biker hanging on for dear life on the back of a jet-powered ostrich!


Here you can see the drawing I did first, and then how it looks painted.




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