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Wookie hooky was good,
Wookie nookie was better.

Apologies to Norman Rockwell!


Thomas Miller, is a Fine Arts graduate from East Tennessee State University. He's been doing freelance illustrations for about five years now. He is also trying to build a portfolio of 3-D animation, and hopes to get a career in that field. When Thomas works he usually starts with lots of pencil and ink drawings. After he gets the composition, basic details, and atmosphere he likes, he scans it into the computer and finishes the piece in either PhotoShop or Painter, depending on the look he wants to achieve. Thomas loves using PhotoShop and Painter because he gets the same look as traditional media in a fraction of the time... and undo's are nice to have. When he's not working he's collecting any art, or books, he can find of his favorite artists (Bill Stout, H. R. Giger, Wayne Barlowe, Robert Bateman, and, lately, Brom).He also photographs thunderstorms, and collects all things dinosaur, so he's always hunting for the newest info and art on them. In addition to the works presented here, Thomas has recently completed artwork for Tony Chandler's MotherShip Part 5 at http://www.writershood.com/.

His Web site: http://pages.preferred.com/~digisaur/. His E-mail: digisaur@preferred.com.

Editor's Note: Thomas' art was the inspiration for Tony Chandler's "The Ostrich Racer", Ray Dangel's "Dino Farm" , Andy McCann's "Corythosaurus Ranch", and the background used in the title graphics. You can see how he put together his artwork for us looking at the Behind the scenes of "Ostrich Racers".


 Romeo Esparrago (art for "Antiques", "Four Poems", "Mission Fatigue", "Mountain Time", "Once and Future", "Remivores", "Travelers", "Y2K") is an amateur artist , who, in addition to his duties as Planet Mag's web designer, has recently completed artwork for Tony Chandler's MotherShip serial novel at http://www.writershood.com/Email: public@romedome.com  His art website: http://www.romedome.com/art/ .

Kalazar (art for "Remarks of Centurion Glou", "Color Me Black") is a graphics Web designer of original, free SciFi-themed graphics, and is creating the graphics for a new video game called NetherGoth. She has a permanent exhibit at the About.com Artist Exchange Gallery, as well as original SciFi and Mundane greeting cards available at www.kalazar.com, with a larger collection of original works at http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Zone/2544/. E-mail: kalazar@earthlink.net

g.k. Senthil Kumar (Artist for "The Fall of the Word") is from India, where just about everything commands an artistic representation. He is currently working with Communication Design Group, a software company, as a senior creative designer. Email: senthilgk@hotmail.com Homepage: http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/parklands/153/

Duncan Long (art for "Arcade", "Silent Man", "Silicon Warrior", "Three Haiku") is a professional artist and writer who often illustrates his own technical books. In addition to creating artwork, he has seen nearly 60 books he has written go into print, including 13
novels published by HarperCollins and Avon Books. Long's fanciful illustrations are springing up at a number of Web sites as well as on covers of novels, magazines, and e-zines. Email: duncan@kansas.net. His online gallery, 1st Encounters, can be found at:

Andrew G. McCann (art for "Bitter Reflections", "De La Lune") is a dark, squeamish, trailer smell from the Doomed Planet of Lklorfuut who nonetheless has an upbeat personality and a "can zlkluut" attitude. He is quite confident that his unnamed race of people will be inducted soon into the Council of Worlds - well before any of you walking bags of meat on the backwater planet Earth. E-mail: Andy@planetmag.com



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