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Chad Brunner ("The Fall of the Word") is a technical writer in the Beltway, and he's working to hone his writing skills and establish some credentials before working on an actual novel. He tries to spend his free time writing, but is often distracted by running a fantasy MUSH called The Realm of Dreams (therealm.godlike.com 9990).

Tony Chandler ("The Ostrich Racer") lives in Atlanta, GA, working as a Systems Engineer. He has a wife of 17 years (they've been married that long, that's not her age) and a daughter who is 15 (that is her age, full-fledged BSB-lovin' teen). Tony has been writing for eight years now and has had modest success in various small print magazines, and in the "leading" Webzines of our day, including the fantabulous Planet Magazine. Oh, and he has two kitties, KC and Andy, whom he consults with closely on matters of the utmost importance. Tony's FIRST novel (albeit a short novel) is now complete at http://www.writershood.com/ and is entitled "MotherShip" -- a tale about family, love, courage, and sacrifice. But read his "serious" story here first, "The Ostrich Race". It is destined to become a classic (and hey, you wanna buy a bridge?). Tony does want to thank Andy McCann and Thomas Miller for the pleasure of being able to write this story "for" Thomas's truly inspired picture (which came first, the picture or the tale?). E-mail: Thunderstar5@yahoo.com

Virginia Chandler ("Once and Future") is a technical writer who has been published in "Golf" magazine, "Divot" magazine, "Lost Worlds" (twice), "Database Advisor," and "Lotus Notes Advisor," and she has a novel available online from Cloverleaf Golf publishers, "Solid Contact". E-mail: DragnHawk@aol.com

Chris Clagg ("Y2K") works, reads, writes, and occasionally sleeps in Orlando, Florida. A day job working in Retail Sales as well as teaching computer science for a local elementary school hinder his creative efforts, but have no effect at all on his book-a-week reading habit. He dreams of (a) cracking the commercial market, (b) winning the lottery, (c) travelling to other worlds and times, and (d) not necessarily all of those in the same order or all at once. E-mail: claggc@bellsouth.net

Kristen Comer ("Traveler") is 18 years old and a senior in high school. She currently work as a correspondence reporter for "The Canton Repository". Kristen plans on majoring in either journalism or English in college. Science Fiction/Fantasy is her favorite genre, and she hopes to become a professional writer someday.

Ray Dangel ("Dino Farm") a Planet associate editor, caused global alarm in literary circles last week when he disappeared from his usual haunts. It was as if he had fallen into a hole and pulled it in after him. Turns out he DID tumble into a rabbit hole, which was occupied by some strange characters indeed. One person named Alice intrigued Ray, but there was a Queen who was something else, and Ray was extremely happy when he was snapped back home after a short nap down inside that hole. Even now, he's not certain how it all happened, but he's a gullible soul and believes all he hears -- even from himself. He says he'll be more careful where he walks. Ray can be reached at radangel@eazy.net if you have any similar nifty adventures to pass on to him. His website: http://members.delphi.com/goldguy/index.html

Ty Drago ("Bitter Reflections"), 38, lives in Stratford, New Jersey, with his wife, Helene, daughter Kim and son Andy. A freelance computer consultant by profession, Ty has been writing all of his life, mostly in the science fiction and fantasy/horror genres. Ty's work has appeared in "After Hours," "Haunts," "Pandora," and "Midnight Zoo." One of his tales, "The Attendant", received an honorable mention in the 1994 Year's Best Fantasy and Horror anthology. He has completed two novels, first a contemporary fantasy entitled Chivalry, and the second a high fantasy piece called Angelfire, both of which are now available for publication. He is also the editor/publisher of Peridot Books, a successful, online fiction magazine. E-mail: ty@peridotbooks.com

Lee Dresselhaus ("Mountain Time") has had three stories published in the regular print media, and with this story is making his first foray into the realm of the cyber-zines. Lee writes a weekly 900-word humor/opinion column for two South Louisiana newspapers. He recently won the 1998 Louisiana Press Association award for Best Regular Column. E-mail: work26@gs.verio.net

Romeo Esparrago (PM23 webformatter & title/header graphics), after reading on the net that Neanderthal Art is the Next Big thing, Romeo attached a wooden frame to his head in an attempt to flatten his forehead and get into the paleolithic mindset. We tried to tell him that you can't believe EVERYTHING you read on the net, but artists just don't listen. Though his cave paintings are better than ever, his wife and his puppy pug are getting angry at the bones and cooking fires scattered throughout their living room. Email: public@romedome.com  His website: http://www.romedome.com/.

Fabio Fernandes ("Color Me Black") is a Brazilian science fiction writer who has been publishing short stories in local magazines since 1991. Email: fgentile@zipmail.com.br

Dennis Fisher ("Remarks of Centurion 'Glou' on the Late War") is a Maine native who moved back there after living many years in a cramped nearby state, bought a small old farm near Bangor, and has taken up organic growing. He went to college at Colby in Waterville. The climate can be trying, but it isn't nearly as bad as in Aroostook County, where he was born. There, the snow drifts up over the houses and people tunnel from place to place under the snow, like voles. Dennis has written a book on navigation called "Latitude Hooks and Azimuth Rings" for TAB/McGraw-Hill, published in 1994, and three books on homebrewing for Storey Publishing. The latest is "The Homebrewer's Garden", on growing your own brewing ingredients. Dennis collaborates often with his brother and writing partner, Joe Fisher. He's also sold two science fiction stories to Aboriginal Science Fiction: "Locals" and "Feeders". These concern the adventures of a hard-bitten fisherman named Tom on a rocky, watery planet full of incredibly violent natives called Locals. Email: azimuth@bangornews.infi.net

Hathno Paige ("Silicon Warrior")Hathno Paige is chief wiener designer at the Oscar Beyer Wiener Factory. He recently developed techniques for hand-rolling wieners and aging them in oak casks to develop a more peaty flavor. Bars in the New York area are already installing special wiener rooms where connoisseurs can gather to taste and discuss these most elitist of delicacies. Email: hathno@hotmail.com

Alan Kaufman's ("Arcade") most recent book is an anthology, "The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry", coming this fall from Thunder's Mouth Press. His previous books include "The New Generation" (Anchor/Doubleday) and "Who Are We?" (Davka Limited Editions). Alan's stories, poems, and essays appear widely in print and online in such publications as Salon, Witness, Tikkun, Savoy, Long Shot, ZuZu Petals, and Ecclectica. Email: Akpoem@aol.com

Daniel Ksenych ("Mission Fatigue") is either an interdimensional playboy zen-gineer, a small, furry kleptomaniac, or a fairly average 26-year-old who wants to be an interdimensional playboy zen-gineer when he grows up. While he waits for the lab results, Daniel watches a lot of movies and reads a lot of comic books. E-mail: dksenych@hotmail.com

Andrew G. McCann ("Editorial & Letters", "Corythosaurus Ranch') is a dank, greenish, semi-aware vapor from the Doomed Planet of Lklorfuut who nonetheless has an upbeat personality and a "can zlkluut" attitude. He is quite confident that his unnamed race of people will be inducted soon into the Council of Worlds - well before any of you walking bags of meat on the backwater planet Earth. E-mail: GreenishVapor@planetmag.com

[Name removed at author's request] ("Four Poems")

Mike Oakwood ("The Silent Man") lives in Michigan with his wife and the world's four most adorable cats. His previous work has appeared in "Shiver", "Sapphire", "A Taste for Flesh", "Sinister Element", and other places. He promises to stay warped as long as people read his stuff. E-mail: starcat@avci.net

Diggs Sexton ("De la lune") is a 38-year-old male, living 35 years in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who recently moved to Sulphur, Louisiana. He works by day as a two-way radio technician and writes at night. He loves to garden, growing hot peppers, and he works out in martial arts. He has three children, two younger, who live with their mother in Tulsa, and his oldest girl, 15, who lives with him. Diggs reads Poe, Byron, Shelley, Shakespeare, Neruda, Lovecraft, and Machen. E-mail: dsextonj@gte.net

Mark Stanley ("Antiques") is a 44-year-old avionics technician living in South Florida. He is a dedicated bachelor, which leaves him free to read and write into the late hours of the night fueled by Bud, Beam, and Bach. His fiction writing heroes are Heinlein, Hemingway, Kipling, London, and Conrad. His favorite current SF writer is Allen Steele. He is also a big fan of John Wayne movies, but that's another story. E-mail: Mark@speculative-fiction.com. Web site: http://www.speculative-fiction.com.

Joyce Stenberg ("Three Haiku") is a short, light-hearted mom and teacher with a house and classroom full of short, light-hearted aliens who spend much of their time staring out into space. She has no Web links, but there are web-footed creatures surfing in the flood-control channel beyond her fence. She, too, surfs beyond her fence, and even beyond the World Wide Web to places invisible to all but the heart. E-mail: stenber1@ix.netcom.com

 McCamy Taylor ("Remivores") offers "McCamy Taylor Millennium Fiction" at http://www.dfw.net/~taylorjh/, where some of her fiction can be read for free.

 Tom Wagner (Assistant Editor) Tom Wagner once answered, President of the first Martian colony! to the question, If you could be doing anything, and I mean anything, twenty years from now, what it be? Needless to say, the interviewer didn't really mean ANYTHING and he didn't get that job. E-mail: thomas_p_wagner@hotmail.com 




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