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g.k. Senthil Kumar (Cover, "Behind the Scenes", "The Three Headed Dog"), comes from India, the land where just about everything commands a visual representation, whether it's a wedding, a festival, a protest, or even a funeral. And perhaps, the most heartening aspect is its cross-cultural and cross-religious identity. gopal writes: Growing up amidst these influences, my creative outpourings took shape in a rather complicated manner. From Boris Vallejo's influence, thanks to my uncle, to a more frank need to communicate clearly, I have trudged a long way. Thankfully, my arty instincts aren't as shy as they used to be. Professionally, the possibilities are limited, but I'm impressed by the limitless possibilities in digital art. And I hope to follow in the footsteps of H. R. Geiger some day. Till then, bye! Keep in touch!

Email: senthilgk@hotmail.com

Homepage: http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/parklands/153/


Sam Crowe (art for "Legacy", "A Visit to the Doctors") says: Like many artists, I started young, very young. My Father and brother are both artists, and growing up around them alot of there "talent" rubbed off. Not to mention the harshest of all critiques when I would show them something I had done. I eventually got my hands on a commodore 64 and from then on out I have been producing C.G. images. Currently I am finishing my B.F.A degree in Illustration. I enjoy using the computer to create illustrations, mainly because of the freedom it provides when it comes to mistakes and the fact that the only mess I have are all the reference materials that stack up around my monitor. Compared to my pervious tool (airbrush), things are alot neater now. I guess I've been working with computer art since I was around 10 or so, I'm 27 now so that amounts to a moderate amount of time. I don't consider myself to be an artist, maybe an illustrator. I still have a lot to learn and experience before I can earn the title Illustrator. I see all of my work as a stepping stones. I don't look back on my images and say "well, I can't do anything better than that" I'm always saying, I wish I would have done it "this way" or "that way." So I'm always trying to improve my skills and my understanding of this confusing and philosophical field called Illustration. Some of my favorite artists, Craig Mullins, H.R. Giger (it's pronounced geegur), Beksinski, Rick Berry, and Simon Bisley. Some of the tools I use on a regular basis are: Photoshop, Painter, Bryce, Maya, KPT effects. Some of the hardware I use: Dell workstation 400 with 2 300mhz PII processors with 384megs of ram. And most importantly my 9x12 intuos wacom tablet. It's hard to imagine I used to do all of this stuff with a mouse. If you have the time and want to see some of my past images, you are welcome to visit my home site at: http://pages.preferred.com/~smdragon/awelcome.htm. Email: smdragon@preferred.com

Romeo Esparrago (PM24 webformatter, title/header graphics, and art for "Dead End", "The Fisherman's Coin", "Grounders", "Nothing Lasts Forever", "Long-Haired Alien & 7", "The Man in the Moon", "Three Poems", "WokeEye Tours Washington") is a hobbyist artist , who, in addition to his duties as Planet Mag's webhead, continues to receive Viagra samples, cigar endorsement requests, and Jenny Craig junk mail due to a mix-up with Monica Lewinsky's addressEmail: public@romedome.com  His art website: http://www.romedome.com/art/ .

Duncan Long (art for "Poof!", "Seminal Images", "Two Sci-Bun") is a professional artist and writer. In addition to creating artwork, he has seen nearly 60 books he authored go into print, including 13 of his novels (published by HarperCollins and Avon Books). Besides illustrating his own technical books, Long's fanciful artwork is springing up at numerous Web sites as well as on covers of novels, magazines, and CDs. He is a regular contributor to and a past cover artist for Planet Magazine. An online gallery of Duncan's illustrations, articles, & short stories can be explored at: <http://duncanlong.com>. E-mail: duncan@kansas.net

David "Zozzy" Thwaites (art for "Mars") started his artistic life doodling 'psychedelic-abstract-super-modernistic comix' as a hobby but was frustrated by any attempts at colouring them. He bought his first computer to this end but discovered that software such as Photoshop has its own powers of creating artwork from scratch. Instantly hooked by the depth and richness of colours and the pseudo-organic textures possible, he started out on his dream to become a fantasy artist. A thousand long nights later and he thinks he is starting to arrive. Zozzy's take on the question, 'What is Art?' is that art takes from the inner spiritual vision of the artist, be they visual artists, writers, musicians etc., and translates those observations and insights into something that all can share in... hopefully awakening something of the spiritual in each viewer! Pompous, eh? Zozzy hopes to break into the book and album cover market but feels also that the works should stand strong by themselves! The boundaries between digital and traditional art become more blurred by the year and, whether illustrative or not, he views his work as 'fine art'. Email: dthwaites@rheintal.ch --------------------------



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