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Kevin James Miller ("I Think the Three-headed Dog Who Guards the Underworld Lurks in The Android Shop on The First Floor"), has been a carnival ride operator, a customer service phone rep, a children's petting zoo guide, and a factory worker. Some time during the 1990s, he go it into his head that he wanted to teach children professionally. He started to go to grad school for that purpose, but flunked out of the how-to-teach-K-to-12 program. (Something nobody else had ever managed to do before.) Since the school still wanted his money, they urged him to switch majors. He did -- to writing. Kevin got fired up about the possibilities of creating his own fiction as a serious pursuit because of a course he took about the American short story taught by a gay Protestant minister. Kevin writes science fiction, fantasy, and horror because that's the direction in which his story mind tends to drift. Currently, Kevin is teaching freshman college writing.

Besides Planet, his stories have also appeared at
Triangle46 <http://www.freeyellow.com/members6/tri46/>;
AntipodeanSF <http:www.nor.com.au/users/artist>; and at
Alchemie Ezine <http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Crete/9295>.

His E-mail: kevinjamesmiller@hotmail.com. 



Richard Behrens (Featured Poet for "Three Poems") is a native New Yorker working as a computer programmer and Web-site developer. Over the last ten years his short stories, poems, and essays have appeared in Chakra, Blue Light Red Light, Bogus Books, Artitude, Cinemaphobia, Forbidden Lines, and Web-based magazines, including InterText, Dark Planet, and Planet Magazine (issues 19 and 21). He lives in New Jersey with his wife Sandie and son Kristopher. E-mail: (behrens@pipeline.com)

Mark Anthony Brennan ("Grounders", "A Visit to the Doctors") writes science fiction stories from the tiny village of Harrison Hot Springs. He works as the municipal administrator -- for now, that is. Of course, one day when his career as a writer takes off, he'll be able to dispense with inconveniences like day-jobs. In the meantime he has to supplement his income selling photos of Sasquatch sightings. E-mail: brennan@uniserve.com

Corey Brown ("Dead End") finished graduate school at North Carolina State in December of last year, and is now working as a mechanical engineer in the sunny climes of West Palm Beach, Florida. In addition to living in hurricane-prone states, he enjoys basketball, golf, and fun running, the last of which is not always an oxymoron. A special interest of his is space exploration, with an emphasis on the history of human space flight. Corey has been writing SF for around seven years now. E-mail: corey1234@mindspring.com

Tony Chandler ("Nothing Lasts Forever") has lived in Atlanta, GA, since 1985 with his wife of 17 years, his 15-year-old daughter, and his two cats, KC and Andy. Some of Tony's favorite things are traveling, listening to music, reading, and surfing the big 'I'. He is a Systems Engineer for a Fortune 100 company. And of course, he likes to write. Here are some of Tony's publishing credits: "MotherShip" - The Writer's Hood, five-part Serial appeared from May to Sept. of 1999. "Their Songs" - won 3rd Place at 1998 Dragon*Con and was published in Sept. 1998 issue of Eternity, The Online Journal of Speculative Fiction. "Dream Plague" - The Writer's Hood, Jan. 1999; "The Ostrich Race" - Planet Magazine, Fall 1999 issue; "HellFear" - A Writer's Choice, Spring issue; "Xenocracy" - A Writer's Choice, Spring issue; "Alien Lust" - Dark Planet, appeared in spring 1999 issue. "Ramaas" - Planet Magazine, Winter 1998 issue; "Friend" - Ibn Qirtaiba, appeared Feb and March 1999 issues. "The Number's Control" - Eternity, The Online Journal of Speculative Fiction, Nov. 1998; "Kragon's Gold" - Planet Magazine, Summer 1997 issue; "Without Paradise" - Ibn Qirtaiba, appeared in Special SciCon2 issue, Oct. 1997; "MotherShip" - Dark Planet, Winter 1997. E-mail: Thunderstar5@yahoo.com

Christopher Clagg ("Seminal Images") needs a bio here.

Ray Dangel (Assistant Editor) can be reached at radangel@eazy.net if you have any similar nifty adventures to pass on to him. His website: http://members.delphi.com/goldguy/index.html

Romeo Esparrago ("Long Haired Alien & 7") likes his poetry the way he likes his coffee: short, sweet, and lighthearted. Happy New Year/Century/Millenium! Visit his poetry website: http://www.romedome.com/poetry E-mail: public@romedome.com

Gryffyd Eamonn Dempsey ("Mars") needs a bio.

Mark Griswold ("Poof!") is a forty-four year old avionics technician living in South Florida. He is a dedicated bachelor, which leaves him free to read and write into the late hours of the night fuelled by Bud, Beam, and Bach. His fiction writing heroes are Heinlein, Hemingway, Kipling, London, and Conrad. His favorite current SF writer is Allen Steele. He is also a big fan of John Wayne movies, but that's another story. E-mail: Mark@speculative-fiction.com. Web site: www.speculative-fiction.com.

Al Krombach ("The Fisherman's Coin") was born in Germany at the Air Force Hospital in Weisbaden. When he was 6 months old, he· no, this is too detailed. Basically, Al attended a lot of schools. He majored in Ancient History and Anthropology at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. Heâs held far too many different jobs, including waitering, construction, fish farming, and pawn brokering. Al still attends night classes as often as he can, on whatever interests him at the moment. His hobbies include reading, writing, music composition, and camping. He married a beautiful Irish girl from Buffalo and has a terrifying two-year-old son named Aidan. E-mail: Grim213@aol.com

Will Harrison ("Legacy") , after a brief stint in the cloning tanks, was delivered to his "parents" and consigned to live out his formative years in Oak Harbor, WA, where he discovered a love for writing, the Seattle Seahawks, and genetically engineered mutant emus. The former led him to Whitworth College (Spokane, WA) where he got a degree in English in between choking down cheap food and stalking naked men with paintball guns. After graduating this past May he relocated to the Seattle area and is currently doing temp work to feed himself and his cat. All other pertinent material is classified, and he'd hate to have to kill someone. The paperwork's a nightmare, after all.... E-mail: wharrison51@hotmail.com. Web site: http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Library/7692

Deena Larsen ("Breathing at the Galaxys Edges") , needs a bio.

Andrew G. McCann (Editor) is the lucky guy who won that $2,000-a-month-for-life lottery prize, just before immortality was discovered. He now scoots between his various homes in his Microsoft Flying Car. E-mail: editor@planetmag.com

Linda Robeck ("Two Sci-Bun") is an aerospace engineer who has worked for NASA for 16 years. She started out working on experiments on Space Shuttle astronauts, trying to figure out why they were getting "space sick" when they got on orbit. For the past twelve years she's been working at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, building robotic spacecraft to explore other planets. In '95 and '96 she got to be one of the lucky few that actually built the Mars Pathfinder spacecraft, and spent many long days lovingly bolting, gluing, taping, and tying their "baby" together. Linda has always written poetry, and have had poems published in a variety of magazines. Lately she's been interested in taking her real-life rocket science experiences and expressing them in haiku form -- the relatively new "Sci-ku" form (as opposed to sciFAIku... hers aren't fictional!). She's also started branching out into what she thinks may be a new form -- the "sci-bun". In traditional Japanese poetry, the "haibun" form begins with a narrative that sets the stage and background for a haiku poem. So a "sci-bun" must be a narrative that winds its way around a "sci-ku". E-mail: lindafuhrman@earthlink.net

Frederick Rustam ("WokeEye Tours Washington") is a retired civil servant. He formerly indexed technical reports for the Dept. of Defense. Now, he writes SF short stories for Web e-zines as a hobby. He prefers this to his former occupation of moving paper from one side of his desk to the other. He has achieved paperlessness. Mostly. E-mail: frustam@CapAccess.org.

Mark Stanley ("Poof!") is a forty-four year old avionics technician living in South Florida. He is a dedicated bachelor, which leaves him free to read and write into the late hours of the night fuelled by Bud, Beam, and Bach. His fiction writing heroes are Heinlein, Hemingway, Kipling, London, and Conrad. His favorite current SF writer is Allen Steele. He is also a big fan of John Wayne movies, but that's another story. E-mail: Mark@speculative-fiction.com . Web site: http://www.speculative-fiction.com .

McCamy Taylor ("The Man in the Moon") needs a new bio here.

Tom Wagner (Assistant Editor) E-mail: thomas_p_wagner@hotmail.com 



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