Labyrinth of Gold

by Andy Miller


a bead of light sent through a labyrinth of gold
unveils a little bit of information. it is there
or it is not, established through technology.

and so a message is composed, and the photon
is made use of, in minute poetry. energy fields
may take the place of gold, and form the labyrinth
where beads of light are shaped, only to become
the vessels... of much needed information.

and to think... when these dear beads have met
the boundaries of common knowledge, perhaps
each one may tunnel through, and a little bit
of information may just find that hyper-space
accessible, those other dimensions available
only to the very small. and then, beyond
the boundaries... technology could advance
by leaps and bounds. to imagine...
a thinking machine, and thought run sideways
through time, or in parallel... to achieve
time out of mind, the tiniest vibrations
have at their disposal... all of this.

the smallest possible, quavering beads
of light may let us see, and still imagine
the beauty and the power of this machine,
unlocking the potential, learning to adapt.*

Poem copyright © 2000 by Andy Miller <>






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