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Apologies to Norman Rockwell!
Zozzy (Featured Artist for the Cover, The Golden Globe, Xantar) is a digital artist. Website: http://www.geocities.com/~zozzy/ E-mail: zoz@freesurf.ch

Romeo Esparrago (Visual Editor) is struggling to control his disruptor-ray eyeballs, which vaporized the March issue and severely damaged the June issue of Planet. His hobbies include working on model airplanes (which he keeps vaporizing accidentally) and usurping DVD flicks such as "Wing Commander", "The Mummy", "Lost In Space", and "Mars Attacks" (although he has to watch them with his eyes closed). Romeo just moved agilently to a new company called... er... Agilent. His future projects include ensuring the future of humanity. Visit his yet-to-be-updated-since-New-Year's-Day Web site: http://www.romedome.com E-mail: public@romedome.com

Gene Fenton (artist for Recycled Blood-Sucking Aliens) works with papier-mache. For details, visit his website: http://www.microserve.net/~gfenton/

Eric Seaholm (artist for The Death Club) is a digital artist. E-mail: seaholm@cyberramp.net

Patrick Stacy (artist for The Orange Hills of Eron, Two Poems) hails from Germany, and like many artists before, started young. Main emphasis in childhood were comics and soon, Patrick became an excellent tracer. Never content, the challenge was then to illustrate freehand, now that would be talent! Early influences are still inspirational today, such as the legendary Frazetta, Vallejo, and Parrish. Classical influences were Ruben and Caravaggio. The goal of course is, with any luck, to break into the book cover and magazine fields. As mentioned earlier about never being content, Patrick's currently in the process of learning to create webpages through HTML and Photoshop. Currently in the process of updating website to include upgrades as well as new illustrations. Patrick is a winner of the L.Ron Hubbard's Illustrators of the Future contest in 1996 as well as providing two illustrations within the volume. E-mail: Pld895@aol.com Website: http://members.xoom.com/pstacyart



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