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Richard Behrens ("The Golden Globe"), is a native New Yorker who has been publishing fiction, poetry, and film criticism for more than ten years in various magazines and journals (both print and online), most notably Parabola, Blue Light Red Light, InterText, and several past issues of Planet Magazine. He is currently writing and directing an independent film this summer in Philadelphia called Hole Head and will be spending a few weeks at the Kenyon Review Writer's Workshop in Ohio this summer trying desperately to find a direction for his closet full of novels. His personal Web site is http://www.pipeline.com/~behrens and wants it to be known that he is by no means the same Richard Behrens who is a kabalistic kung-fu spiritual guide to the military, despite the fact that he shares a life-long fascination with Kabala with the man who shares his name. He is currently writing a novel about Jack Parsons, the Thelemic magician and NASA physicist. When he does not have his writer's mask on, he works as a Web applications developer for an incredibly large financial institution and divides his time between New York, Philadelphia, his wife Sandrea, and his son Kristopher. E-mail: behrens@pipeline.com

Frank W. Clark ("The Orange Hills of Eron"), was born the same year as the Roswell, NM, incident in a little town on Lake Michigan called Muskegon. Growing up, he read everything he could get his hands on related to science fiction and horror. Frank's writing career began in the mid-70s, with a string of bizarre poems written "under the influence". He got serious about writing in the early '80s, taking up Creative Writing at the University of South Florida and jumping into writing full time -- before he finished his B.Sc. degree. Since then, Frank has written over 40 poems, 30-some short stories, a half-dozen country music song lyrics, two screenplays ("The Eleventh Hour," and "Mobius," a work in progress that has received some interest), a detective novel titled "Lie Down With Silk and Daggers," as well as articles for local newspapers. He has also read his poetry aloud for audiences in local and national forums. Frank lives in St. Petersburg, FL, has traveled through Europe and Central America, is single with no kids, and still wears "thick" contact lenses. E-mail: res06u4d@gte.net

Ray Dangel (Associate Editor/Key Grip), has been doing a huge amount of manual labor to remodel his back yard this summer. Some days he smells so bad it clears mosquitoes in a three-mile radius. Because of that, he's been nominated for the Walnut Hills Civic Service Plaque by the newsletter editor of his subdivision. He had to do the remodeling because a space monster he created for a story in another ezine did so much damage he had to rebuild his sprinkler system and the telephone and utility companies installed new lines. Because his situation was unique in this area and because they were impressed by his Venusian blue skin, the companies did the work gratis while the local news media recorded it. E-mail: radangel@eazy.net

D.F. Huettner ("Terminal Illness"), had already worked a number of careers -- from USDA meat inspector to radio disk jockey to running his own business -- before it became fashionable to do so. Back then, it was called "not being able to hold a job". Ever keeping his eye on future trends, he wrote science fiction. Two of his novellas, "Letting Go" and "Rumors of War", can be found at http://www.4goodbooks.com. Mr. Huettner can be reached for comment at dhuettner@hotmail.com

Dan Lukiv ("Two Poems"), is a poet, novelist, short story writer, and article writer; his poetry has appeared in Canada, the USA, England, Wales, Ireland, and Australia. His formal apprenticeship as a writer includes intensive personal direction from masters such as Canada's Professor Robert Harlow, the USA's Paul Bagdon, and England's D.M. Thomas. He and his wife have four girls; two are still at home (Quesnel, BC, Canada). His life is filled with lots of hair spray. He teaches creative writing at McNaughton Centre and edits a literary journal, CHALLENGER international, which focuses attention on young, up-and-coming Canadian poets. E-mail: lukivdan@shaw.ca

Andy McCann (Editor) , just flew over you in a space-hardened bi-plane, fleeing SenojWod, the Eater of Worlds. Grab the rope ladder! E-mail: editor@planetmag.com.

Sean Melican ("Xantar"), is in his late twenties, married without children. He teaches chemistry and physics in a private high school. Currently, he's teaching himself to program C++ and Visual Basic. "Xantar" is probably one of his favorite stories, because it comes the closest to what he envisioned when he first started it, thanks largely to Andy, who told him just what was wrong with it and how to fix it. The genesis of the story came when a normally rational radio talk show host that Sean liked began the barrage of idiocy that immigrants come to the US and can't speak a word of English. We should make English the national language, he said. We shouldn't pour money into bilingual education, he said. The absurdity of this incensed Sean. On the one hand, we as a country promote our ideals of liberty and equality and "the American dream" across the globe. But when the huddled masses across the world suddenly say, Hey! America, that's where I'd like to be! We seem to come out en masse and say, why are all these people, legal or not, flooding our shores? And worse, how come they don't speak my language? This story is an answer to that question, and many more. E-mail: smelican@aol.com.

Andy Miller ("Labyrinth of Gold"), enjoys speculative fantasy, sitting in a rocking chair and wondering about things. He is a painter and a poet, while occasionally dabbling in color music, a form of composition that can be seen as well as heard. Science and the imagination offer many possibilities, and their mingling is inspiration. E-mail: kidscroll@hotmail.com

Hathno Paige ("Recycled Blood-Sucking Aliens") Not just another broke poet who couldn't do anything practical to save his life, Hathno recently invented "pyro-coloscopy", a colonic mapping technique available soon at all fine new age health centers and Mexican Restaurants.

Neil Smith ("The Death Club"), would have graduated Summa Cum Laude from Indiana University if it were not for the short-sightedness of most of his professors, who were obviously jealous of him. Consequently, he graduated with a solid C average and went on to become one of the best Seattle Times paper carriers in all of Seattle. He is interested in Western Philosophy, baseball, and Serial Murder, and is working to combine the three in an attempt to create an ethic-based dialectic for our troubled times. Mr. Smith hasn't scored with a woman for a while and is fairly anxious about this. He also enjoys watching TV. A lot. He can be reached at chimplove@altavista.com. He thanks you.

Thomas Wagner (Assistant Editor/Primal Chef) Tom's hard at work on a new book titled "The Joy of Cooking with DDT". Apparently this much maligned pesticide tastes great on hot-dogs, pizza and pickled herring! Good luck Tom!




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