Graham Adair ("Temporal Exile") is 31 and lives in a small village called Gifford that's twenty miles outside Edinburgh, in Scotland. He works in the IT industry as a kind of internal IT consultant within a large finance company. He's married with a 10-month old daughter, Kirsty. Graham has been writing (SF, fantasy, and speculative fiction mostly) since he was 22 and has been honing his style ever since.
E-mail: gmadair@yahoo.com


Andy Brill ("Floating Lightly in the Void") is a "lighthearted" Minnesotan currently transplanted to Dallas, TX, where he works "lightheartedly" with youth.
E-mail: until914@aol.com


Dennis Calero ("Family Business") was born the son of a barber and a woman boxer. He currently makes a living as a writer and painter, but he has worked at a meat-packing plant, a bookstore, as a dancer on a cruise ship, and was a midshipman in the US Navy before being busted for robbing the ship's ATM. He's been in several car chases, been shot at, but has never been drunk or high. He currently resides in New York with his wife, Kristin, an illustrator of children's books and former Soviet assassin. Valentine's Day is always interesting at the Calero's. Web site: http://hometown.aol.com/atomiceo/myhomepage/main.html.
E-mail: atomiceo@aol.com


Tony Chandler ("Dark Energy") has news about the publication of his first novel as an e-book and paperback, along with his detailed biography, on his Web-site, http://www.tonychandler.com.


Candi Chu ("I Remember October") is a musician who tends to spend more time at the computer keyboard than the piano keyboard these days, some by choice (writing), others not (day job). To date, Candi's work has been published in Crimson, genrEzone, Twilight Showcase, Dragonlaugh, AlienQ, Fantasy, Folklore & Fairytales, Alternate Realities, and Foxfire (June 2001).
E-mail: chuchu@banet.net


Ray Dangel (Associate Editor, Planet Magazine) takes his work home from the office. As this awesome issue of Planet was birthed, Ray was finalizing plans to watch NASA's Mars Odyssey launch in Florida. Being a native of Venus, he briefly considered asking the space agency to let him hitch a ride, but relented when he realized NASA would have to drop one of its three science experiments from the mission to accommodate his potbelly. These blue Venusians are such chubby little guys! Cute but chubby.
E-mail: radangel@eazy.net


Romeo Esparrago ("2001 Haiku", "Year of the Serpent Tanka"; Graphics Consultant, Planet Magazine) will soon be departing with the traveling aliens of X-Files, Close Encounters, and the Abyss to see if they can help bring the Voyager back home from the Delta Quadrant. Be on the lookout this year for additions and announcements on his Web-site at http://www.romedome.com.
E-mail: public@romedome.com


Andree Gendron ("Beacons of Deceit") has had science fiction, horror, and inspirational short fiction and poems accepted for publication in several online and small press zines -- The Fifth Di, The Sixth Sense, The Martian Wave, Star Anthology, New England Writers Network, Star Leaper, Blood Roses -- but Andree makes pen money from writing humorous slogans for novelty companies. Andree enjoys reading Best of the Year anthologies, especially early sci-fi collections from the sixties.
E-mail: agendron@bit-net.com


Guy Hasson ("A Star-Studded Sky") is a playwright and a director. His first SF e-book, "In the Beginning..." was published earlier this year by 4goodbooks.com. His second SF novel, "Hope for Utopia", will soon be published by Fictionworks.com. He has also published short stories in the webzines Anotherealm, Millenium Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Aphelion.
E-mail: guyhasson@hotmail.com


Andrew G. McCann (Editor) came pretty darn impressively close to meeting the deadline for this issue -- as a reward, the Aliens (the Medium-Sized Orange Ones, in this instance), who founded and have funded Planet Magazine over the years, have revealed to him that they don't exist.
E-mail: editor@planetmag.com


Christine O'Leary-Rockey ("Concentric") is a writer and poet residing in the backwater of Harrisburg, PA. She holds degrees in Philosophy and Religion and is still combing the want ads weekly for that ad that reads "philosopher wanted for our busy office -- will pay well". As this has not happened, she is back in school working on yet another useless degree, and freelancing. She is a member of The (Almost) Uptown Poetry Cartel, most recently published in The Ultimate Hallucination, The Experimental Forest, The Literary Lion, and The Poet's Cut. She is the author of a book, "A Human Auction", which is now in its second printing.
She can be e-mailed at colhere@yahoo.com.


Mike Velichansky ("Milder") lives in Maryland but was born in Russia, and left when he was five years old (which means he speaks his native language with an American accent). Mike loves to read, and began writing after seeing his high school's Illiterary Magazine; he decided he might enjoy writing some short stories to fill the space between bad teenage poems. Figuring that the secret to Asmiov's success was being Russian, he assumed that writing would be great fun -- only to discover it was hard work. He never wrote again, and is actually taking credit here for the work of a different Mike Velichansky. Currently, Mike is working toward getting his Cisco Networking Certification, and looking forward to next year, when he'll be attending the University of Maryland with most of his friends. To be really current, he's now trying to type up his bio while the family cat attacks his keyboard, crawls on him, and walks in front of the monitor.
E-mail: kroosk@icqmail.com


s.c.virtes ("Future Memories") was last seen at a Cat Show in San Diego, zapping poems around the world from a fur-contaminated laptop. Recent stories and poems can be found at Ideomancer, Dreams & Nightmares #58, Cafe Irreal #2, Eotu online, and an anthology of creepy tales from FiveBadgers Press. Web-site: www.scvs.com/scv/fic/
E-mail: scv@scvs.com


Tom Wagner (Associate Editor, Planet Magazine) needs a proper bio somethin' fierce.
E-mail: thomas_p_wagner@hotmail.com


Philip B. Young (DUI) is 47years old in body, but still cutting classes in school. He's married (26 years in March, miraculous) to the "Finest Person I've Ever Met", his wife Maria. They have two children: Joel, who is currently writing a symphony, and Kiel, who wants to spend his life flying the friendly skies. Phil, who is originally from New York, has been living in Alpharetta, Georgia, for the past seven years. He owns a small company that does corporate training for big companies. He is looking to leave that rat race and fulfill his lifelong dream of writing full time. He is currently working on two full-length books, "Halley's Conundrum" and "The Death of Dreams and The Birth of Reality".
E-mail him, he wants input! philwritesbooks@aol.com



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