by Tony Chandler


Everything is not what you see -- the moon, the stars,
the galaxies.
Five percent of the universe is all we perceive,
the rest of it -- Dark Matter, Dark Energy.
But "all" will be seen with the eyes of Copernicus,
if first we search with our mind.

Familiar Gravity, weaker force, yet still so little
Binds the great wide universe, graviton waves and
mysterious foam.
Hidden place, Fifth Dimension, dance the dark center
of all.
"Three Body Problem," the elegant answer -- at last it
shall be known.

What will we know with eyes no longer blind?
Ride dark currents to the stars in a singleness of
Speak dark rhythms in flashes of relativistic rhyme,
And hear the sound of alien voices singing
everywhere ...

They always have, but we did not have ears to listen.


Poem copyright 2001 by Tony Chandler thunderstar5@yahoo.com

Illustration copyright 2001 by Carl Goodman carl.goodman@peppersghost.com


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