About the Authors

Peter Bergman, Jr. ("Arcade") has been reading Science Fiction and Fantasy since grade school. "Arcade" is the first short story he ever wrote. Peter recently had short stories published in the March and April issues of Aphelion Science Fiction. His hobbies are hunting, fishing, golfing, writing, reading, and arguing with his teenage daughters. Peter lives with his wife and daughters in the Northwoods of Rhinelander, Wisconsin, where the four seasons are early-winter, mid-winter, late winter, and July. E-mail plbrgmn@newnorth.net


Ray Dangel (Associate Editor), known as The Gadfly to his Denver-area friends, has begun yet another fantastic adventure. Seven decades into his checkered life, he decided to become a migrant farm laborer. Once or twice a week he drives 70 miles into rural Colorado and works at whatever needs doing on an organic farm. Most recently he sat on a mechanical planter towed behind the farmer's tractor while Ray and other workers yanked young tomato plants out of seedling trays and laid them into the planter's jaws. The planter whisked them down into the ground, opening its mouth for another plant every two seconds. Now and then Ray's untrained fingers missed their turn to lay a plant in the machine, forcing workers walking behind the tractor to bend down and plant a seedling by hand. They'd glare unsmilingly at the errant Gadfly. This may be the source of the phrase "glaring error".
E-mail: radangel@eazy.net


Romeo Esparrago (Residuals Artiste; "Love's Labour & Deliverance") is an amateur poet by day and an amateur father by night. He's expert at being amateur! Sometimes he confuses immature with amateur -- oh well! In the meantime, you can visit his new amateur airplane model website at
E-mail: public@romedome.com


David Gault ("Martian Underground") is 27 and finally old enough to listen to the advice of other people, like his fiancee Tanya, who convinced him to finally write down some of his wacky dreams and see if any publication would be crazy enough to do anything with them. This was his first attempt, so maybe he'll try again. E-mail: gauldav@yahoo.com


Leo Goda ("The Mission") is in his fifties and likes to write short "what if" stories, Star Trek short stories, and, now and then, horror and mystery. Leo is taking a correspondence course in novel writing with the Writer's Digest school and has purchased a Story View program to help with the formatting of novels, screenplays, and TV scripts. He is very grateful that the Internet exists and that ordinary people can place their works there more easily than in the "Old Days", when only hard-copy publishers offered one the opportunity to get something in front of the public. E-mail: leogoda@millenianet.com


Jeana Jorgensen ("Challenges Three") currently attends UC Berkeley and plans to study folklore or some similarly eccentric field. She writes poetry, short fiction, and is working up to novels. Her work has appeared in a few small market presses. She also enjoys bellydancing, capoeira, and historical reenactments. E-mail: prosewitch@hotmail.com


Max E. Keele ("Punk-eeq Pandemic") is an overeducated, underemployed idolater who lives in the dank weirdness of the Pacific Northwest, where he writes odd little fictions and watches a perpetual rain spread joy among the fungi. His credits to date include: "Punk Jesus," Fiction International; "30-30 Vision," winner of the first (and last) annual Utah Daily Chronicle Fiction Award for 1988; and most recently, a short story "A Pound of Flesh" in the Spring 1998 issue of Nocturnal Lyric. E-mail: maxek@efn.org


Sven Kloepping ("Space-Racing") is 22 years old and an advertising texter. He's a member of the German Writers Association and writes and publishes sci-fi short stories and poetry in both English and German. He recently published his first story-collection '"MegaFusion: - LifeFiction" in Germany. Although he's actually not-so-well-known in the American market, he tries his best to become so. If this wasn't enough self-promotion for you, visit my sci-fi online project: http://www.sf4you.de
E-mail: SvenKloepping@compuserve.com


James Livingston ("Volus Nocturnus") is a 29-year-old English teacher from Apache, Oklahoma. He has been writing poetry for about 12 years. Previous publications include Poet Magazine, The Wichita, The Rose Review, The Stanford Anthology of American Poets, Images of God, and Poetry Online. His favorite writers are Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, Wallace Stevens, and W.B. Yeats. James likes to mix imagery and surrealism in his writings.


Andrew G. McCann (Editor) would like to buy a lottery ticket, win very big, and then open a little SF-oriented theater somewhere within walking distance of his mansion, somewhere right next to a fine Italian restaurant, perhaps, which he could also own, but not run, since frequent naps would be a must. So he probably would just own the theater too, and not run it. And the restaurant would make 24-hour deliveries as well. Until that day comes, he will continue to show up for his day job scraping off star barnacles from Omega-Class space tugs, humbly performing his small but important part in keeping the galactic shipping lanes flowing smoothly and safely.
E-mail: editor@planetmag.com


Andy Miller ("Star That Lives"), born a little ways from the shores of Lake Erie, studied anthropology and Romance languages in school, and is a writer. He also paints, and his writing extends to Color Music.
E-mail: kidscroll@hotmail.com


C. C. Parker ("Spacehead") lives in Seattle, WA, with his wife and daughter, Zoe and Natalie. Right now he's working in a used bookstore (Couth Buzzard Books) in North Seattle. He's been writing for many years and doesn't intend to stop. C.C. spends his off time watching weird films (the weirder the better) and reading, reading, reading. After all, isn't reading what got us into the fine mess of writing to begin with? Lately, he's been reading a lot of Charles Bukowski and Harlan Ellison, but that could change at anytime. He also enjoys eating spicy food, drinking strong beer, and playing "Poop Cat" on the guitar with his daughter . . . What can he say? Life's good. As for publishing, C.C. has recently warmed up to the Internet and the plethora of speculative fiction zines it has to offer. He's only been submitting to them for a short time. In that time, he has published a very short piece in Deviant Minds Magazine (Ed.: J. Newman), an electronic anthology of dark fiction. Plans for the future: More stories. E-mail: Nazoch3@aol.com


Frederick Rustam ("The Cloud of the Unknowing") Frederick Rustam is a retired civil servant. He formerly indexed technical reports for the Dept. of Defense. He writes SF stories for the Web as a hobby, and he finds devising future worlds to be more satisfying than dealing with the complexities of our world. E-mail: frustam@CapAccess.org


Tom Wagner (Associate Editor), as this issue goes to the electron printing press, is winging his way to the Clarion Science
Fiction Writer's Workshop from his remote Pacific island lair, where his day job involves hazardous brain management. Be on the lookout for some killer stories from him in the coming months!
E-mail: thomas_p_wagner@hotmail.com


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