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Richard Behrens ("No One's Future") is a native New Yorker now living in denial in New Jersey. He is a staff writer for The Modern Word web site for which he is working on a Philip K. Dick project. He has been published several times in Planet Magazine as well as Parabola, Blue Light Red Light, Forbidden Lines, Dark Planet, Morella, Aphelion, InterText, and many others. His real-life identity is designing Web applications for an astonishingly large financial firm. His personal Web site is http://www.pipeline.com/~behrens where many of his scuttled starships can be seen steaming in the sands. He lives with his wife Sandrea and their son Kristopher.
E-mail: behrens@pipeline.com

Tony Chandler ("Qarzaak")
has had a great 2001 so far. He cruised up to Alaska and saw his first whales in-person. And he even managed a short trip down to the Turks & Caicos Islands for some fab snorkeling! His wife and daughter are doing well, as are both his little furry gatos. Tony's first novel "MotherShip" is due out as a paperback this fall, hopefully in mid-October. Please visit www.tonychandler.com for all the latest on "MotherShip" (and Tony!). Enjoy the rest of the year, fair and loyal readers of Planet Mag!

Ray Dangel (Associate Editor),
Chief Binder of Planet Magazine, lives near Denver and he’d be famous if a lot more folks had heard of him. That’s unlikely because he spends most of his time snoozing in the file cabinet under "B." No, he isn't misfiling himself. "B" stands for Blue because Binder is the color of Colorado’s summer sky, his favorite color, and also that’s how we know where to find him when it’s time to wake him up. Binder’s homeland is Venus, where all have blue skin. However, after hitching a long ride to Earth on Comet Kreutzfeld-Jacob, Binder discovered he had developed an allergy to work. If he does more than 10 minutes of it in 24 hours, he breaks out in an acid sweat. Planet replaced his dissolved chair five times, then fired him. He had no place else to go, so the “B” drawer was loaned to him until he finds a new position. A precautionary sign was placed on the cabinet drawer stating in three-inch-high blue letters: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THIS PERSON TO BE PERMITTED TO DO ANY TYPE OF WORK!!

John Devlin ("Kandy: Everyone Wants Some") has a great wife and a wonderful little two-year-old son. He loves playing hockey for its ballet and brutality, and he loves reading probably for those same reasons, and he's going to keep writing until enough people notice and he can make a living out of it. E-mail: john.devlin@mindspring.com

Tim Dykema ("Soldiers of Misfortune"): From "The Holland Sentinel" of Holland, Michigan:

Timothy J. Dykema, 34, of Louisville, Ky., formerly of Holland, died Friday, June 15, 2001, while waiting for a kidney transplant. Born in Allegan, he graduated from West Ottawa High school in 1984. He attended Grand Valley State University and later Central Michigan University. He was active with bands at all three schools. He moved to Louisville where he worked as a writer and musician. He wrote two novels, both of which are at publishers, and produced two short feature films.

The following is from Tim's family:

Tim was a talented writer and musician who inspired and influenced the lives of many other artists and writers. After many years of battling juvenile diabetes, Tim lost the fight. Before he died, he happily told friends and family that he had everything he had ever wanted. He spent his last months doing what he loved to do best, writing. It made him proud to know that his story, "Soldiers of Misfortune" would be published with graphics.

The bio that Tim sent to Planet Magazine before he died reads as follows:

Tim Dykema is a free-lance writer and journalist from Louisville, Kentucky. His work has appeared in a number of local and regional magazines and newspapers, and in the e-zines Quantum Muse, Schrodinger's Mouse, and Steelcaves.

To contact Tim's relatives, e-mail: editorwriter1@hotmail.com

Romeo Esparrago ("International Space Stations", associate editor) has been a retired vacationer for many years. He hopes to once again take up the vocation of vacationing soon. Until then, Romeo will continue his role as a retired vacationer by "working" five days a week.

David Gill ("Carnaby Street Station") has written short stories for a number of magazines, including The London Magazine, Jennings Magazine, Margin, Dream Magazine, Cambrensis, The New Welsh Review, and Interzone. He won the Welsh Academy's annual John Tripp award for short stories. For the past year David has been concentrating on writing a science-based novel and has been signed by Peters, Fraser and Dunlop, a large literary agency based in London.

David was born in Cardiff, Wales, in 1967 into a working-class, mixed race, Catholic family. He attended Imperial College, University of London, from 1987, graduating in Physics in 1991. He worked on mathematical models at Imperial College for two years after graduating and since has taken a series of part-time or short-term jobs in science and computing to support himself and also allow time to write. He has worked for many City of London institutions, biotechnology companies and both the Metropolitan police and City of London police. He also regularly works in Ireland and America.
E-mail: hl10@dial.pipex.com

Marcelo Hipolito and Marcelo Machado (Weird World: Bats of a Fur):
Marcelo Hipolito is 31 years old and lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has a degree in Cinema, and also in Business Administration. He is currently working as a script editor for a Brazilian-based TV company. He is also a sci-fi buff who loves films like "The Matrix" and TV shows such as "Babylon 5" and "Stargate SG-1".

Marcelo Machado is 34 years old and also lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is an actor/writer/director of both TV and theatre and is currently studying Philosophy in the Rio de Janeiro State University. Like his associate, he also loves "Babylon 5" and "Stargate SG-1" amongst many other quality sci-fi TV shows, and hopes that in the near future he will be producing one of his own.

Marcelo Hipolito wrote and directed two short-length films: "Bom Dia, Cinema" (Good Morning, Cinema) and "O Homem na Escada" (The Man On The Stairs). He produced and edited the short-length film "SaÁaricando" (Having Fun). He wrote, produced and directed the short-length TV show "Pacto Sangrento" (Blood Pact) for TV2 ProduÁes ArtÌsticas and the hour-long documentary "Pena de Morte" (Death Sentence) for BemTv ProduÁes.

Marcelo Machado wrote the short-length films "O Corvo e o Vento" (The Crow and the Wind) and "A Dama de Ouro Preto" (The Ouro Preto Lady). He wrote the short-length TV show "Pacto Sangrento" (Blood Pact) for TV2 ProduÁes ArtÌsticas and the hour-long documentary "Pena de Morte" (Death Sentence) for BemTv ProduÁes.

As a team, Marcelo Hipolito & Marcelo Machado developed scripts for both television and cinema. "The Darkening: New Blood" is their latest script for the American film industry, the previous ones are for the feature films "The Planet" and "A Fairy's Tale". For TV, they wrote a few one-hour episodes for the shows "The X-Files" and "Star Trek: Voyager". They are currently being represented by Joseph Estephan from Screenwriters and Associates Management Group.

Sven Kloepping ("Speedway to Hell")
was born someday in the future, working part-time as a taxi driver in the Oklahoma City District, and part-time as a travelling author who currently benefits from his knowledge of future inventions and social developments. As a taxi driver he doesn't really know how to make money, so he goes on writing sci-fi and strongly believes it to have a future. You can visit him online via http://www.sf4you.de or offline, though he can't guarantee that his metropolitan flat in 455th Avenue Southeast, 3.401st floor still exists. For further info send an old-fashioned e-mail to the address below and wait 'til a taxi hovers over your head.

Justin R. Lawfer ("Excuse") is a student at Edgewood College in Madison, WI. His work has appeared on http://dragonlaugh.freeyellow.com and http://www.Spacerat.co.uk. He is a fan of giant monster movies, Monty Python, and fantasy stories.
E-mail: jlawfer@hotmail.com

Marcelo Machado and Marcelo Hipolito ("Weird World: Bats of a Fur"):
See biographical entries above.

Julian Maven ("Uncharted Waters")
is twenty-three years old, going on seventy-three; he enjoys cats, tweed, and a good pipe in the morning, and generally speaking he feels fifty years out of place in any given situation. He lives a troglodytic lifestyle in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, and brave folklore graduate students often make a pilgrimage to his shanty for a cup of tea and a good, solid discussion about the Niebelungenlied or the pride of Agamemnon. He is currently working on a graphic novel adaption of Dante Alighieri's Inferno. "Uncharted Waters" is Julian's sophomore appearance in Planet Magazine.
E-mail: whirlpool23@yahoo.com

Andrew G. McCann (Editor) is
a black-budget experiment involving stem cells and quarks who somehow got loose from a lab at the CIA's Hither Hills underground campus -- although chances are that the "somehow" in question goes by the name of Sean Kirby in Security. How that lush ever got a plum job like that is a mystery. All he had to do was keep the damned lab door closed. How hard is that? But noooo, someone needed "fresh air" and got a little sleepy. With the way things are going in this country, it's a wonder the Russkies haven't set up house-keeping in the Lincoln Bedroom! Anyway, McCann subsequently digitized himself and is living the wild life of an electro-entity on the Tech-Bubble-ravaged Internet and, being a highly adaptable and glib life form, has picked up some handy sci-fi editing skills and the ability to discuss himself fully and easily, and at great length, in the third person. And, we believe, that third man is a person named Harry Lime!

Hathno Paige ("Evil Djinn from the Thirteenth-Dimension") is the award-winning author of "Lentil Patty: Breakfast or Brake Shoe?", a book for recovering vegans. E-mail: hathno@hotmail.com

s.c. virtes ("Shipment to Nowhere") is a Web and database guru by day, creative guy by night. His works have appeared in Analog, Space & Time, Ideomancer, Dreams & Nightmares, Star*Line, Zipzap and more. He has a story collection ("Year of the Twist") and poetry chapbook ("The other secret house") currently available. He just loves to play with words ...
Web-site: tales.scvs.com
E-mail: scv@scvs.com

Tom Wagner (Associate Editor)
is just back from the Clarion 2001 sci-fi writers workshop (http://www.msu.edu/~clarion/) at Michigan State University, which he thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommends. Though he successfully avoided the tattoos and nipple piercings, he did develop an appreciation for bad horror movies.

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