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Shipment to Nowhere
by s.c. virtes 

you have to wonder about the glitch
that sent 20 tons of plywood
on a flatbed truck
to a point
in the Nevada desert
where there are no people
within 100 miles
no development contracts
no plans to build anything
just a humorous glitch
an anecdote in the long history
of computer screwups
or was it some kind of offering
to the uncaring gods of the desert?

do bristlecones and scrub play
by the burning salt flats?
do cactus rituals churn the sand
with a spiny moon dance?
does the lizard king
just three inches long
prance on a keyboard
roaming a distant website
then stomp the submit button
with a desert dry grin?

the only facts
in this world of mirages:
the goods are unloaded
the next morning they are gone
and the wind is howling wolf.

Poem copyright 2001 by s.c. virtes

Illustration copyright 2001 by Patrick Stacy


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