"Poem War" by Patrick Stacy

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The Barbarian's Tale
by Lee Daniel Guest


With axe and sword I slashed my way,

For crowns and kingdoms lost,

Through the darkest days, the gloom-filled nights,

White winters with shimmering frost.

I’ve slain foul beasts that hungered for blood,

I’ve achieved my murderous goals,

But ever the evil returns again,

No rest for my poor soul.

My memories are rife with emerald fire,

Of wars for lust and glory,

The songs and rhymes throughout the world,

Ring out my blood-ridden story.

The galleys, the cities, the towers and terrors,

The gold that shone like the sun,

I hope I’ll remember the rest of my days,

The beauty, the horror, the fun.

Oh! I’ve killed a gray beast in an ebony city,

I’ve taken great kingdoms by force,

I have no riches or treasures to speak of;

I reckon it's part of the course.

Some times in the moonlight I still hear the hiss,

The sting of vile fangs on my skin,

What times I have had and what days I have lived,

I shall tell to but few of my kin.

Have all of these years in my past been a waste?

Is it fate that gave me this role?

For vile writhing snakes to hunger my blood,

As sorcerers hunger my soul?

Now my eyesight is fading, the night closes in,

I fight as an aging man,

But the knowledge, the strength of all of my years,

Allow me to win when I can.

Of crowns, of kingdoms, of beasts and betrayers,

My life has had its fill,

Far, far away in vast monstrous lands,

I remember the thrill of them still.

Poem by Lee Daniel Guest ldguest@btinternet.com

Illustration by Patrick Stacy Pld895@aol.com

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