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Michael Athey ("Learning to Walk in the Age of Machines") is a student at the University of Kansas, where he's finishing up his bachelor's degree in psychology. He is inspired mostly by the works of Ray Bradbury, Alfred Bester, and Philip K. Dick. Other works of his have been published at "The Prose Menagerie", "Shadowshow", the "Skandalized Human Zine", and Peridot Books, and "The Unknown Writer". This work is his first dip into science fiction.
E-mail: shurikeneo@hotmail.com

Ray Dangel (Associate Editor),
can best be described by revealing what he is not. He is not tall, handsome, rich, famous, arrogant, a clothes horse, a sports buff, a political person, a power freak, a whiner, or a yes man. One positive aspect is that Ray loves to read and write flash fiction; his shortest published tale was a mere 32 words long.

Steve Davis ("Getting Game") is a pizza-delivery driver/ circuitboard assembler/ freelancer trying to write interesting science fiction. The last part's challenging. Living in Phoenix helps, as Steve is surrounded by the Sonoran desert, as close as one can get right now to another world. Steve's non-fiction, technology journalism, and stories have appeared in an odd range of magazines, from "Archaeology" to "Wired". His stories also have been published in "4th Media", "Cedar Rapids Gazette", "Computer Graphics", "Des Moines Business Record", "Electronic Education", "Electronic Learning", "Farm Industry News", "Iowa City Press-Citizen", "Iowa Commerce", "Office World News", "Payson Roundup", "Semiconductor News", "Today's Office", and more.
E-mail: SD071451@msn.com

Steve Davison ("The Flower and The Sentinel") was born in 1964 in Blyth, a coal mining-based port in the north of England, and had always thought he’d get round to writing one day. Inspiration came after reading Dennis L. McKiernan’s "Iron Tower Trilogy". He says he decided not to wait to be hit by a car and be bed-ridden to do his writing. ;-) So he left his job in London for three years, to be a househusband and write three books: "Eye & Sword" (Sword & Sorcery), "The Reality Gap" (Science Fantasy, written in the first-person), and "Mindhole" (Modern Horror Fantasy). It was the most rewarding time of his life. You can review all of his books at "dark-print"… http://www.stevedavison.co.uk/dark-print/. Steve now works as a freelance 3-D designer doing interiors, exhibitions, and commercial presentations, and you can visit his site at…www.stevedavison.co.uk. He says that he is as happily married as it is possible for a human to be and has a wonderful son. He is graded at 1st Dan in Aikido and likes playing Microsoft's "Age of Empires".
E-mail: stevedavison@yahoo.com

Michael Elmore ("The Weapon") is a 23-year-old mental health worker living in rural Georgia. He writes most of his short stories while working the night shift. Michael has been published online at "Aphelion".
E-mail: elmore21@msn.com

Romeo Esparrago ("Comet Borrelly", associate editor-type thingy) recently discovered past memories of himself that had been buried. Buried under ice, to be exact. Apparently, he was some sort of US Army "super soldier" who, alongside his young buddy Buchanan or Buckteeth (can't remember too well, but it was something like that), battled World War II baddies with delusions of powers above normal men. He somehow got frozen and wound up being discovered in some giant, floating ice cube by some pointy-eared guy named Spock (no, that's Star Trek), err...Namath. No, Joe Namor -- that's it, I think. A nyway, he forgot all about this until Samuel L. Jackson kept bugging him about it (no, he kept pestering Bruce Willis, jeez). Well, Romeo still needs to work out this puzzle after discovering the dusty, flag-covered skintight outfit (with a 4' diameter star-spangled shield, can you believe it?!?) in his attic. Until he remembers his secret origin, Romeo will continue his role as an avenging angel with the rank of Captain in his local justice society. Nuff said!
E-mail: public@romedome.com
Web-site: http://www.romedome.com/

Lee Daniel Guest ("The Barbarian's Tale") is 23 years old and trained as an artist from 1994 to 1998. He recently started to write poetry and fantasy fiction. His idols are Robert E. Howard, Frank Frazetta, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Leo Tolstoy, and Yngwie Johan Malmsteen.
E-mail: ldguest@btinternet.com

Pat Hartsfield ("Alien Utopia") is a youth pastor in Oregon, where he works with teens by day and writes by night. He lives there with his wife Audrey and children, Caitlin and Caleb.
E-mail: Crosspointyouth@juno.com

Ed Lynskey ("The Taboos of Tatoos") is a country boy presently subsisting in the 'burbs outside Washington, D.C., with his wife and two cats. When not transfixed at the computer screen, he likes to attend movies and outdoor concerts. That and long drives back to the countryside, green and lush.
E-mail: e_lynskey@yahoo.com

Andrew G. McCann ("Paint The Planet Red", Editor)
has a "Theory of Every 'Theory of Everything'", but is unable to think it because it, or maybe he, is literally too simple to understand.
E-mail: editor@planetmag.com

Edward McKeown ("Open Twenty-Four Hours") was born in NYC and moved to Charlotte in 1985, where he writes, teaches martial arts and lives with his artist-wife Schelly Keefer. His work has been published in the SF E-zine "Millennium", "The Captain's Log", and the art newspaper "Independence Boulevard". He also won first prize in the Canadian "X the Unknown" contest for 2000, for his short story "New York Minute".

Glenn H. Morris ("Slip-stream")
is married with two children and currently resides in Spring City, PA. Glenn currently works as a Systems Analyst and enjoys writing Science Fiction/Horror stories. Some of them can be found at Glenn’s web site at www.glennmorris.com.

Hathno Paige ("Sergeant Stone: Hard to Forget")
is an exotic dancer specializing in early-Amish and Shaker styles.

C.C. Parker ("Planet Circus")
lives in Seattle with his wife and daughter. He's appeared in the following. E-zines: Deviant Minds, Alternate Realities, Planet Magazine, Suspect Thoughts, Apocalypse Fiction, Dark Muse, Demensions, The Murder Hole, Fuzzclog, Tantalus Fire, No Boundaries, Fantastic Metropolis, and SHZine. Hardcopy journals: More Than That and Demontia. C.C. has been writing for as along as he can remember, and he doesn't intend to stop.

William Alan Rieser ("Trevor's Junkyard") was born in NYC way back there, somewhere around the time King Kong was climbing the Empire State building. He did mostly music for an early career. He now lives in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife Sandra. He's retired and having fun writing novels and short stories. Least favorite food: asparagus; Favorite sport: giant squid harness racing. Views on being serious: hardly ever. Author of: "The Kaska Trilogy - Gam, Pmat & Kesht" and "The Zusalem Chronicles - The Find & Pathandu".
E-mail: WRieser283@aol.com
Web site: http://rieserbooks.homestead.com/rieserbooks.html

E.S. Strout ("Family Ties") has been published in small-press print magazines "Crossroads", "Lovecraft's Mystery Magazine", "Fading Shadows", "Mad Scientist", and "Millennium Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine". His stories have also appeared in the Internet publications "Jackhammer", "Beyond s-f", "Millennium SF&F", and "Demensions". E.S. Strout is on the faculty of the U.C. Irvine Medical Center, where he teaches skin pathology to dermatology residents.
E-mail: gino_ss@earthlink.net

Sean K. Twyford ("Duel with a Devil") is an ordinary 49-year-old bloke, married, with five sons (all sons unfortunately!). He lives in the English Market Town of Ripley, near Derby. Sean has been an avid reader of SF since the age of 10 (from Asimov/Clarke on the one hand to Bear/Egan/Le Guin on the other). He has been writing now about two years and to that end has joined a local Writers Group. Publishing successes so far include stories with "Planet Prozac", "Dragon Laugh", "Pro Martians Alien Wave", "Beyond the Border", "Fading Shadows", and "Fighting Chance".
E mail: sseankt@aol.com

Mike Velichansky ("A Panther Inside") is currently a freshman at the University of Maryland College Park, majoring in English. He loves it and is having a great time; sometimes, he even learns a bit. (Though his workshop is pissing him off slightly; people there would rather read something with no plot at all than sully their hands with SF.)

Mike reads all the time. The following are but a few: Ellison, Vonnegut, Gaiman (go read "American Gods"!), Spider Robinson (who's read this magazine! Holy shit!).

Feel free to contact him and tell him what you think. Last story he had at PlanetMag, somebody named John Milder wrote asking where he got the name, so maybe this time it'll be an ancient god. It'll be cool. We'll hang out.

Mike's favorite quote from his workshop: "I know sci-fi has a very rigid style and structure regarding plot, but you could try." --Paul Cacciato.
E-mail: kroosk@icqmail.com

Tom Wagner (Associate Editor)
writes memos all day long and lives in the hope that they will one day be assembled into a larger work similar to that produced by a million monkeys banging away on a million Commodore 64 FULL COLOR computers.

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