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Peter Bergman, Jr. (“Running With the Bulls”) has been reading science fiction, horror, and fantasy since grade school. He lives in the Northwoods of Rhinelander, Wisconsin, and his hobbies are hunting, fishing, golfing, writing, reading, and helping his wife in raising three teenage daughters. Peter has had short stories published in Web-zines Aphelion Science Fiction, Planet Magazine, Writer's Hood, and Dark Moon Rising. This is his second story in Planet Magazine.
E-mail: plbrgmn@newnorth.net

T. Everett Cobb ("A Lonely Place") spends most of his time staring at a blank screen, though every once in a while he manages to string a few words together. That's why his short stories emerge only periodically, though they have appeared in such small press magazines as "Night Terrors", "Hadrosaur", and "The Ultimate Unknown". He figures at this rate, he'll eventually make a living as a writer if he lives to be 382. He adds that he tries to eat healthy.
E-mail: tecobb@qwest.net

Ray Dangel (Associate Editor)
tinkers with stories until his craving for good English is reasonably satisfied. He makes no claims to be an expert grammarian, and in fact recalls that his high school English teacher once cautioned him, "If you don't pay more attention in this class, you'll be an ignoramus forever." That was the semester Ray took home a report card containing 22 "F" grades. The next semester his name was on the Dean's List for academic achievement. Ray insists he was bored and just wanted a "different" report card.

Garry Dean ("The Project") lives on the sunny shores of NSW Australia, in a little town called Tuncurry, where he enjoys the occasional swim in the surf, while dodging the occasional shark! His favorite authors include Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, both of whom epitomize the classic science fiction tale. Garry decided to try his hand at writing about a year ago, and to date his work has appeared in "AntipodeanSF" and "The Science Fiction Museum." You can read other examples of Garry's humble ravings on his Web page:
E-mail: garrydean1@bigpond.com

S.E. "Sam" Eggleston ("Storm on the Horizon") is a sports editor for the Novi News, the Northville Record and the Lake Area Times. He lives and works outside of Detroit, Michigan, after completing a brief stint as a reporter for the Peninsula Clarion in Kenai, Alaska. Eggleston is a native of Michigan's Upper Peninsula where he, and his wife -- Christie -- first met at Northern Michigan University. Recently, a new addition was born into their pack -- Shaylyn Rose has given Eggleston plenty of motivation and sleepless nights in which to get some stories done. Eggleston is hoping to one day become a full-time fiction writer.
E-mail: Spirit_of_the_Slayer@msn.com

Romeo Esparrago ("Red Robot Haiku", associate editor-type thingy) has joined the Red Robot Domination cult. Check out his other Red Robot contributions at http://www.romedome.com/art/featured_art/, which reveals the secret identity of the Red Robot -- gasp & swoon!
E-mail: public@romedome.com

Lee Daniel Guest ("Olarov and the Rider"), 24 years old, studied Fine Arts for a number of years before leaving college to improve. His Idols are; Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Frank Frazetta, Yngwie Johan Malmsteen, and Henry Kuttner.
E-mail: ldguest@btinternet.com

Charles Kaluza ("Molly") is a surgeon and has expanded his writing interest from medical literature to fiction. He was given this opportunity to explore the creative side of his writing, when he developed rheumatoid arthritis. Charles misses the adrenaline rush of performing surgery but finds creative writing to be a good substitute. He is most interested in the potential for medical advances and the ethical issues they create. He hopes readers share his enthusiasm for the future.
E-mail: charleskaluza@sprintmail.com

M.F. Korn ("The Old Man and the Cyborg") has written eleven novels and had 200 story appearances in magazines worldwide. Currently available are his two paperback collections: CONFESSIONS OF A GHOUL AND OTHER STORIES and ALIENS, MINIBIKES, AND OTHER STAPLES OF SUBURBIA. He resides in Louisiana as a programmer with a degree in Computer Science, and has a daughter, Savannah, four years old. Mike also has a degree in Piano and enjoys playing Rachmaninoff, Gershwin, Chopin, and ragtime, and listening to Requiems, Sacred Masses for the Dead. To learn more about M. F. Korn, check out his official site at

Andrew G. McCann ("TolKu", Editor)
has been chosen as the physical and neural model for the next version of the iMac, to be known as "iMac III -- The Digital Hubby". This will be a computer into which any electronic device ever created can be plugged, via the patented new MorphPort, and into which any electronic data can be downloaded, processed, and output via the patented new PeristalsApp program. In addition, you will be able to legally marry the iMac III in the states of California and Vermont only -- and you can burn a DVD at the same time (flammable accelerant not included).
E-mail: editor@planetmag.com

Hathno Paige (Not Pictured) is a 32nd degree black belt in the ancient Balinese fighting art of Chu Knudl Wel. In addition to flying, invisibility, and general invulnerability, Hathno can pull his pants on both legs at once.
E-mail: hathno@hotmail.com

William Alan Rieser ("Crawlspace" and "Crown Jewels"), born in New York City, less than 3 miles from the World Trade Center, originally was a musician and spent many years composing, conducting, teaching, and performing music on the East Coast. His earliest writing influences were Tolkien, H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, and Poul Anderson. He is now retired in Fort Worth, Texas, with his wife, Sandra, who edits his writings and doesn't give him the slightest break on syntax or style, even though he expresses nought but loving thoughts to her. For several years he experimented with short stories for SF/F e-zines but now prefers to concentrate on more developed themes. In this last year, he published "The Kaska Trilogy" and "The Chronicles of Zusalem" via Writers Club Press, an organization associated with iUniverse and Barnes and Noble. Many other novels have been completed and are awaiting publication, such as "Furnace" and "Luna Parabella". His articles, humorous and serious, are popping up everywhere, especially in his column at scifantastic. Currently, he is working on a mainstream novel and promises a mystery. He enjoys talking to writers, novice or professional, and encourages contact.
E-mail: WRieser283@aol.com
Web site: http://rieserbooks.homestead.com/rieserbooks.html

R. Scott Russell ("Traditional Art") lives with his wife and kids in Rochester, New York. He runs a small test lab where, basically, he is allowed to break things for a living. In addition, Scott is pursuing a Master's degree in astronomy and spends several nights a week running the big scope at a local observatory. He is particularly interested in developing automated telescope systems. These activities plus a love of reading keep him quite busy but also provide a good deal of potential story ideas. He would love to provide a list of favorite authors but it would take up an entire page. His list ranges from Anderson to Kipling to Zelazny, plus a host of writers found at Web-zines such as Planet Magazine. "Traditional Art" is Scott's fifth work of short fiction to be published. He has been published online at scifidimensions.com and in Rochester Short Stories Magazine. One of his stories, "The Coyote and the Gila Monster," was recently turned into a song by the Seattle-based alternative punk band Bert Nu Ernie.

E.S. Strout ("Blue Shift") has been published in small-press print magazines "Crossroads", "Lovecraft's Mystery Magazine", "Fading Shadows", "Mad Scientist", and "Millennium Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine". His stories have also appeared in the Internet publications "Jackhammer", "Beyond s-f", "Millennium SF&F", and "Demensions". E.S. Strout is on the faculty of the U.C. Irvine Medical Center, where he teaches skin pathology to dermatology residents.
E-mail: gino_ss@earthlink.net

s.c. virtes ("Silbury Plain") was last spotted at the San Diego Writers Conference, pitching his new novel to an editor from Tor Books and some friendly agents. They seemed a bit confused by the whole affair. He sold some cartoons to Futures that weekend; recent poem sales to Star*Line, Not One of Us, and Space & Time; and two poems nominated for the 2002 Pushcart Prize. He was also seen in a dentist chair, wishing he was in another galaxy.
E-mail: writer@scvs.com
Web site: http://tales.scvs.com

Thomas Wagner (Associate Editor)
has of late been thinking about writing science fiction a lot more than writing it. But fortunately he just quit his day job, so now he'll have all the time he needs, even if he has no food...

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