Illustration by Patrick Stacy

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by Jerry Johns


Of all the times he travels
this is the one that fascinates him the most.
These are the people he feels most compelled to observe.
The partygoers of no tomorrow,
knowing there will be no tomorrow.
The children looking into the white nothingness coming their way,
knowing they will never grow old or see a new day
The helpless who have given up hope,
hoping the coming nothingness is a painless fate.
The scientist who is determined to save the world,
never accepting that God is more powerful then science.

These are the people of the last year: 9999,
there is no salvation for them.
Maybe their fate would have been different
if their forefathers hadn't destroyed the knowledge
of certain scientific breakthroughs of the past.
They could not relearn the equations of time travel in time.
And the traveler can only observe, letting nature take its course,
even though it saddens him to do so.
Before the end comes the traveler leaves,
thanking God for getting to see the end of the world
without having to end with it.

Poem (c) 2002 by Jerry Johns

Illustration (c) 2002 by Patrick Stacy

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