"Discovery" by Georgi Ostashov

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Space Combat
by David Crane


I never asked for a reason

Why man should kill his fellow man,

In darkness high above its hunting season,

for lessons of the ancients we forgot again

so much for guts and glory,

the distant stars don't care

I fight to tell the story of war in empty hell,

I wait for launch orders, and sail into the night

to lead excited soldiers so eager for a fight,

let's go and fry the bastards,

whose faces we'll never see,

let's show them who's the master

in greatest of sins,

The laser's shiny spears

will slice through their skin,

and their blood will boil,

releasing soul within

Drink toast to dead enemies,

they teach you something new,

And lessons in academy

sometimes won't work for you,

We are living for the moment,

and some of us will die,

We have chosen our destiny

the day we learnt to fly.

Poem copyright 2002 by David Crane averox@msn.com

Illustration copyright 2002 by Georgi Ostashov 6x106079@tiscali.dk

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