"DRV" by Carl Goodman

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translated by Hathno Paige


Peeled back
Skin of night
Reveal giant gray banana

Hid in holes
Others not I
Golden world gift

You me cry heard
No got water!
No got food!

Hungry rush I
Bite warm flesh
Oww! Teeth bounce, mouth fire

Hole coward shout
Tail belong banana up

Out tail roll
but plenty heavy not

Shiny bird
fly after
Grab I buzz buzz!

Hungry! I bite
Crunch snap mouth slice
No good!

Spit bird at gray banana
Talk me
Enough! Atul tease not!

Banana float
Grows skin of night
It is gone

Cry many Atul you make gift go away
Me care not
Stones fire good

And banana ripe not anyway

Editors' Note:
The above translation is from "The Annals of the United Nations of Earth Interplanetary Food Aid Program: Proceedings of the Third Conference on Delivery and Packaging of Food Aid".

Example #17, Delivery record #B849-62T-40933.

Contents: 278-second audio segment captured by a partially disabled IDS-7 hovercomm. 9-second videolog of delivery vehicle in planetary orbit. (Click here to view videolog excerpt reconstructed by UNE-IFAP Master Technician Carl Goodman. This excerpt requires that you have QuickTime installed on your computer and will run faster on a broadband connection, rather than dial-up.)

Description: A synergism of logistical errors causes aid rejection. Problems begin with disconcertion of locals due to night arrival of the displacement-drive delivery ship, the UNE-IFAP flagship "drv2". Incorrect language module in the hovercomm results in its partial consumption. Food aid cargo destroyed after flammable packing materials are burned by recipients.

Audio translation copyright 2002 by Hathno Paige hathno@hotmail.com

Videolog and still pictures copyright 2002 by Carl Goodman carl.goodman@peppersghost.com

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