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Saturday, November 30, 2002
Posted on 11:17 PM
[ What's on your mind? ] [Let's see what's on CNN]

lunch... it's so very far away now. i miss it.

Sunday, December 1, 2002
Posted on 0:05 AM
[ What's that behind you? ] [Internet Movie Database is nice]

it's been less than an hour since I posted my last blog entry. seems like yesterday, tho. still, i'm that much closer to lunch now. such a burden... i regret the day that i volunteered for the homeland security office's "total lunch awareness" program.

Sunday, December 1, 2002
Posted on 1:18 AM
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still not much closer to lunch... which is interesting, is it not? everything is interesting. anything that i think and type is interesting. especially in a blogging-ish format.

my thoughts lay like carnivorous lilypads on the surface of my mind, sending down roots like dumbwaiters to my soul, which has its gaping seat in my stomach. (alien psycho/biology is like that.) and steaming hot frogs' legs are coming slowly down the dumbwaiter, yet somehow never arriving. i'll bet they're sitting in a JC Penney "Kountry-Kitchen brand" porcelain bowl, amid lots of tasty broth. how did they get cooked so wonderfully? no one knows. but i'll bet they smell like chicken. and still the midday meal looms before me like an endlessly receding mountain you'd find in a bad prose poem that i'm nearly finished writing. well... time to go post the new issue of planet...

...and so we eat on, goats against the current, borne ceaslessly back into repast...

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