"SW" by Frank Sipala

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The Persistence of Memory
by John E. Gray


Memory persists, so we have
Which seems so old-fashioned,
even Narrative; appears
as somewhat a relief.
Yet, Space-time has no reality
as current theories go.
Alzheimer's--the mushiness of mind
loses it story line.
So, causality,
the story's essential turning point,
becoming undone.
Then, science becomes science fiction
...the same;
And tragedy is no longer,
since instead,
the page can be turned, at will.
Our lives are no longer
leaps of faith.
The essential drama leaks away.
No more entertainment value...
a small step indeed.

(Inspired by George Johnson)

Poem © 2002 by John E. Gray sopdirac@crosslink.net

Artwork © 2002 by Frank Sipala FrancisSipala@aol.com

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