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Ray Dangel (Associate Editor and Staff Robot) needs no introduction to those who've been introduced!

Marilyn V. Brock ("Aurora") is a PhD student in English/ Creative Writing. Besides traveling and residing around the globe (previous residences include Paris, Quebec City, and California), Marilyn enjoys running, drawing, and reading literature (especially the Brontes, Morrison, and O'Connor).
Email: Ladyhawke_10@hotmail.com

J. Alan Erwine ("A Singular Solution") has published more than two dozen stories in various print and online magazines. He is an editor with Sam's Dot Publishing, an agent with The Lobe Literary Agency, and of course, has a "real" job, which is what actually pays the bills. Order his short story collection or his novel.
Web-site: http://www.geocities.com/j_erwine
E-mail: jerwine@worldnet.att.net

Ken Goldman ("The Last Great Hope"), a former high school English and Film Studies teacher, resides in homes in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and the Jersey shore, as suits his mood. He has published stories in over 285 publications. In 1992 he placed second in the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation Writing Contest, in 1994 received the Small Press Genre Association's nomination for Best New Writer, in 1995 The Genre Writer's Association nomination for Best New Writer, and received honorable mention in Ellen Datlow and Terry Windling's The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 7th and 9th Annual Collections. In 1997 he won Preditors & Editors Best Poem On The Internet Contest, and in 1999 won second place ësilver' in the Salivan Short Story Contest (Horror Division). His work appears in such anthologies as New Traditions in Terror, The MOTA : Truth 2002 Anthology, Freaks, Geeks, & Sideshow Floozies, and The Witching Hour, First and Second Editions. Coming soon and featuring more of his work are the anthologies The Fear Within, Hour of Pain, and Darkness Rising, with more than 20 other publications containing his tales due in 2003. Ken is a current member of the Horror Writers Association and is willing to pay good money to receive a Stoker nomination.
E-mail: KGOL991920@aol.com

John E. Gray ("The Persistence of Memory") has degrees in mathematics and physics as well as training in electrical engineering. He has worked for the Department of Defense for twenty years doing engineering and research in the areas of radar, signal processing, missile guidance, and track filtering. He has published papers in engineering, applied physics, physics, and philosophy. He has also served on the technical committees for a number of national and international conferences. He is a member of a number of technical societies and the Washington Evolutionary Systems Society. He has written poetry most of his life, but this is his first publication in that area.
E-mail: sopdirac@crosslink.net

Charles Kaluza ("Harry's New Toy") is a surgeon and has expanded his writing interest from medical literature to fiction. He was given this opportunity to explore the creative side of his writing, when he developed rheumatoid arthritis. Charles misses the adrenaline rush of performing surgery but finds creative writing to be a good substitute. He is most interested in the potential for medical advances and the ethical issues they create. He hopes readers share his enthusiasm for the future.
E-mail: charleskaluza@sprintmail.com

Von Kraemer ("John Stellt" and "Lachesis and Lizards") is a punk rocker who fell out of love with the film industry, and media at large, because in the author's opinion, he can't suck enough #%&* to make the mediocre happy. SCIFI is the Superposition. Writers of reel fiction (with few exceptions) are no longer related to the mass (boring) market, and the author refuses to screw a cousin to get a job. Poor is fine as long as he can retain his dignity. Von is starting to sell, but he doesn't give a #%&*. A promise is a promise. All he has is his "word."
E-mail: killerscifi@aol.com

Floyd Largent ("Cargo") is a Texas-based writer with many publication credits, both online and in print, although he hasn't made it into to the SFWA quite yet.
E-mail: stormwriter@stormwriter.com

Andrew G. McCann ("Editorial & Letters", Editor) is writing these very words as he conceives them. Amazing.


Russel D. McLean ("A Little Invasion") was born and raised in Fife, Scotland. He attended the University of Dundee in Tayside, where he graduated with an MA in Philosophy in 2002. Currently adjusting to life in the "real world" he is determined to return to the relative sanity of university life where he hopes to be able to hide in the library and avoid any contact with reality, specifically those parts of it that demand he pay them money. His short fiction has previously been published in Demensions e-zine (www.demensionszine.com) and in Eric, the University of Dundee's creative writing magazine (http://www.dusa.dundee.ac.uk/eric/eric.html).
E-mail: RusselDM1@aol.com

Andy Miller ("Home Sweet Home" and "Space Opera"), works for a company affiliated with the government, which has him under surveillance "for his own good". His poetry has been published in Star*line, Space and Time, Would That It Were, etc.
E-mail: kidscroll@hotmail.com

Hathno Paige (Whereabouts Unknown) just went to the store for smokes... and never came back.
E-mail: HathnoPaige@hotmail.com

William Alan Rieser ("Iron Feather" and "The Robain Incident"), born in New York City, less than 3 miles from the World Trade Center, originally was a musician and spent many years composing, conducting, teaching, and performing music on the East Coast. His earliest writing influences were Tolkien, H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, and Poul Anderson. He is now retired in Fort Worth, Texas, with his wife, Sandra, who edits his writings and doesn't give him the slightest break on syntax or style, even though he expresses nought but loving thoughts to her. For several years he experimented with short stories for SF/F e-zines but now prefers to concentrate on more developed themes. In this last year, he published "The Kaska Trilogy" and "The Chronicles of Zusalem" via Writers Club Press, an organization associated with iUniverse and Barnes and Noble. His latest novel, "Luna Parabella", has received a rave review at Amazon.com. Many other novels have been completed and are awaiting publication, such as "Furnace" and "Luna Parabella". His articles, humorous and serious, are popping up everywhere, especially in his column at scifantastic. Currently, he is working on a mainstream novel and promises a mystery. He enjoys talking to writers, novice or professional, and encourages contact.
E-mail: wrieser@juno.com
Web site: http://rieserbooks.homestead.com/rieserbooks.html

E.S. Strout ("Field Trip") has been published in small-press print magazines "Crossroads", "Lovecraft's Mystery Magazine", "Fading Shadows", "Mad Scientist", and "Millennium Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine". His stories have also appeared in the Internet publications "Jackhammer", "Beyond s-f", "Millennium SF&F", and "Demensions". E.S. Strout is on the faculty of the U.C. Irvine Medical Center, where he teaches skin pathology to dermatology residents.
E-mail: gino_ss@earthlink.net

Thomas Wagner (Associate Editor) plays an organic instrument of his own devising called the biolin
. Bow down!
E-mail: tom@planetmag.com

Dave Whittier ("Monday Night Infantry") is just a touch this side of 40 years of age, live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and has been in the Canadian Army for over half his life. It seems to affect his writing somewhat...
E-mail: whittier@shaw.ca

William Wilde ("The Ride") is a native Oregonian who writes in the Science Fiction and Horror genres. His recent fiction work has appeared in Black Petals, Burning Sky, and Millennium Science Fiction &Fantasy magazines.
E-mail: BillWil@pacifier.com

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