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The Big Bang
by Simon Andrewes


In 1998 the International Boomerang Project launched a balloon equipped to measure the cosmic background radiation caused by the separation of photons from other particles of matter some 300,000 years after the Big Bang. Its findings suggest that the universe is flat, and not curved, as a rival theory conjectured.


Listen to the Big Bang:
crackle, crackle, fizz, pop --
Come up with me in my balloon
and listen to its constant tune.

Crackle, crackle, fizz, pop --
it means the universe is sure
to go on till the end of time
and then a little more.

The universe it flat (my hat).
There's nothing that can stop it now.
There's nothing that can pull it back
to what has been before.

Crackle, crackle, fizz, pop --
The echo of its cold weak voice ...
crackle, crackle, fizz, pop --
... is saying that it had no choice.

The Big Bang set this all in motion
at just the right velocity.
It was the right kind of explosion,
the only possibility,
to spawn the Universe as we know it
(with nothing above, or beyond, or below it ...)



Story © 2003 by Simon Andrewes andrewes@ugr.es

Illustration © 2003 by
Dale D. Ziemianski daledziemianski@daledziemianski.freeservers.com

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