"We Are Upset", by Andy McCann

Great. Just great.

Now you've really gone and done it.

We told you not to click on that link.

And by doing so, you caused this page to have been created by us. Until
you clicked on it and observed it, the page had existed in an
indeterminte state -- but by clicking through, you gave it a definite
state. And therefore, you just wasted our (and your) precious time.

As the clone-poet-editor once said:


We've "zine'd" things you readers wouldn't believe.

Crack edits on fire in the margin of a story about Orion.

We've watched similes glitter on a page created by a "common gateway interface".

All those metaphors will be lost in rhyme, like beer down the drain.

Time to eat pie.


Even so, considering the temporal devastation to all of us experiencing this
very page you are reading, it seems that no further harm is possible; therefore,
you might as well waste some more time.

If you're a typical Planet reader, you're at work right now,
or sitting in front of a computer screen in your underpants,
or both.


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