"Mechanic", by Robert Castillo
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Quantum Mechanics
by Nancy Wilcox


Big Tim is a quantum mechanic,
he works in that new shop downtown.
You don’t have to stall, go on, give him a call
if your universe ever breaks down.

His gravity’s well and housebroken,
no messing with rubbery sheets.
His fusion’s red hot -- there’s a fresh coffee pot;
sit down, take a load off your feet.

Has your leaky old pi started knocking?
His work has a full guarantee.
Are you lost in despair, broke your new MC square?
In no time, it will be up to speed.

Has your chaos been put on back-order?
Has your future worn out all its shocks?
When space gets too hype, and reality bites,
Big Tim has the muzzle in stock.



Poem © 2003 by Nancy Wilcox nancywilcox@hotmail.com

Illustration © 2003 by Robert Castillo rcastillo10@nyc.rr.com

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