"In Darkness Light" by Greg Martin

Boy and His Hammer
by Dave Nordling


The boy
examines the cube of granite
which is his world.
The boy, the cube
and the great black void around him.
He sits on its surface
and swings his hammer.
He starts at the corners,
making them less sharp,
making them pleasantly rounded.
He chisels the edges smooth.
The dust and debris of his labor
fly off and away
lost into the heavens and the abyss.

The cube grows smaller.
How can he do this?
His world chipped away.
The day will come
when he may sit no more.
How can he not?
The world is his.
It is to be made to his liking.
The hammer and chisel
are his hold on the world.
He must busy himself
or else lose meaning.

Faster still does the dust fly away.
An ocean of stars surrounds him.
When he stops his hammer
he gazes at the stars
and wonders
about other cubes
maybe like his.
To reach another cube
may save him from oblivion.

Each day the same
more hammering
more shaping
as his world
shrinks beneath him.



Poem © 2003 by Dave Nordling d_nordling@yahoo.com

Illustration © 2003 by Greg Martin sirgerg@artofgregmartin.com

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