About the Artists


Anselmo Alliegro (art for "Jump Ship") gained a scholarship to Parsons School of Design in New York City in 1995. He is a working artist, and has exhibited in galleries and benefits throughout New York. He works with fine art and science fiction art. Anselmo has been drawing since he could hold a pencil, and has loved science just as long. A sample of his paintings can be seen at: http://www.geocities.com/ajalliegro/.
E-mail: ajall@earthlink.net


Ehrad (art for "Another Day, Another Voyage", "The Calydo Factor", "Death on the Wire", and "Four Poems") is a long time photo-retoucher with several passions in life... space art, mysticism, gardening, family, and cartooning. The cartooning aspect of her life is at present an all-consuming fire, and she is currently exploring the concept of "wholeness" through a tribal sci-fi comic called ERADUON, due to be published online in early 2003. Aside from all of the other craziness that is her existence, she still maintains an enormous love for all life forms, and has set about the task of knitting the universe together into the diverse mosaic that it truly is.
E-mail: ehrad@eraduoncomics.net


Romeo Esparrago (Chief Artist Emeritus; art for "Eternal Grief", "The Game of the Phoenix", "Green T", "Jacob and the Sorceress's Daughter", "Mother's Milk", "One Hundred Twenty Degrees", "Sometimes, I Dream of Roses", and "Trump") is a highly collectible piece in the "Space Power Artists Go!" series of action figures. There is also a humanoid Romeo Esparrago, who is based on this doll and also works for Planet, but as a Deep-Space Network Systems Analyst.
E-mail: romeo@planetmag.com
Website: http://www.romedome.com/


Mike "Warble" Finucane (art for "A Careful Plan") is an artist who works with fantasy art mostly, but can do science fiction, as well. He has been published in Christian Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, and can do futuristic formats in art. He has also been published in Psychology Art Journals.
E-mail: artofwarble@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.geocities.com/artofwarble/


Greg Martin (cover illustration, art for "Boy and His Hammer") lives in Seattle, Washington, where he pursues digital illustration as a hobby that runs parallel to his real job of graphic design. He's currently a junior in the Visual Communication Design program at the University of Washington. Greg has been working on the computer since his junior high days, playing around with various techniques and teaching himself how to make his ideas appear the way he wants them to on the screen. His favorite form of art is realism, and as he is a perfectionist and loves nature, he usually ends up drawing scenic views of nature. Lately, he's been working to perfect what he
considers the three most important aspects of a piece: 1) dynamic light 2) volume, and most important, 3) refined scene composition. He is hopeful that as time progresses his work will evolve to epitomize these three points. Over the last few years he's been less and less happy with the end results of his illustrative work, and as such, is newly committed to upping the ante, so to speak, in terms of both quality and precision in his work. Greg's goal is to put forth images of exceptional quality in the areas of of composition and dynamic content. He hopes to meet this challenge head on and succeed, but he's afraid that we'll have to be the judge of that! Greg is also making an effort to bring his growing knowledge of good design theory and concepts into play in his works. His Website may be a portfolio of his illustrative works, but the site itself is a piece in progress demonstrating his design prowess (such as it is). Design aspects aside, he hopes you enjoy everything his site has to offer! Feel free to drop him a line via e-mail in the future.
E-mail: sirgerg@artofgregmartin.com
Website: http://www.artofgregmartin.com/


Andrew G. McCann (art for "The Game of the Phoenix" and "Yesterday the World") is able to create happy pictures under deadline pressure, which is why he would make a great governor of the great state of California.


Matt Morrow (art for "It's Inevitable") received a bachelor's degree in fine arts from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in 1994. Since then, he has worked as a prepress technician in the printing industry and later moved on to creating editorial illustrations full time for a national computer magazine. Currently, he is pursuing a freelance career and has worked on a variety of projects including package art, advertising, Web icons, and fantasy illustrations.
E-mail: mz9000@tconl.com
Website: www.tconl.com/~mz9000/


Alan Rabinowitz (art for "Carrick Castle") has been illustrating for over 12 years. His primary art medium is oil paint on masonite or board. On occasion or request he will produce digital illustrations. His work can be found on fantasy and science fiction art related: book covers, games, calendars, advertisements, magazine covers, posters and more. He generally works in the Publishing, Advertising and Fantasy Game industries. Alan is currently working on several projects for a few top-tier companies. He has a steady workflow from several consistent clients and is always ready to impress and work for new clients, art directors and art buyers with his illustration. Alan started his professional career as an illustrator after graduating Rochester Institute of Technology in 1991 with a BFA in Painting and Illustration. His first job right out of school was for two covers for Marvel Comics - Conan Magazines. He has since trained under his mentor of six years John F. Murray at The School of Visual Arts and the John F. Murray School of Art. He studied a traditional academic approach to Drawing and Painting that can be traced back to Jean Leon Gerome and other 19th Century French Academicians at the Ecole de Beau Arts in France. This training technique is known as the Riley Method. The Riley Method was taught to John Murray by Frank Riley at The Art Students League of New York. During and after Alan's training, he has developed a steady working relationship with many of his clients, most of which are top tier companies in their perspective industries. He has illustrated Book Covers, Calendars, Portraits, Advertising, Card Game Illustrations, Magazine Covers, Interior Illustrations and more. His work here will speak for itself as far as quality, photo-realism, and digital art go. "I have always been inspired by traditional, classical and academic works of art. I enjoy the 'intellectual' painters, especially those of the 19th century, as well as the Old Masters. I also love creating my own worlds, painting the characters and their environments as I envision them."
E-mail: alan_rabinowitz@hotmail.com
Website (RABZ Illustration): http://www.fantasy-illustration.com/


Rick Shelton (art for "The Dirt Patch Watering Hole" and "Psychic Pop-Up") is an artist who, like many, started drawing at an early age. Unfortunately, he still continues to do so. Among his influences are the artists Heironymous Bosch and H.R. Giger, the authors Franz Kafka and H.P. Lovecraft, and the bands Babyland and N.I. Nails. Although he was born in Texas, he grew up in Japan, and now lives in England. Rick's online gallery "Rats In The Walls" (see below) showcases some of his "dark fantasy illustration" -- among other things.
E-mail: rats@anticybr.org
Website: http://www.anticybr.org/rats/


Robert Sorensen (art for "Dr. Insanium's New Friend") was born in Summit, New Jersey, has lived in Paris, France, and currently resides in Colorado. His education includes studying painting at L'Academie des Beux Arts de Chaville and studying acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute in NYC, followed by professional work in a theatrical touring company and later, work in TV, films, and documentaries. Robert also wrote an SF screenplay about saving planet Earth from an alien invasion in the year 2059, with the title "QUANTEX-Z or ATOMIC VISIONS". Robert is an avid international voyager whose passion is to visit, contact, and experience the cultures and peoples from all over Planet Earth and has visited most of Europe, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, and most recently Mexico. Robert has exhibited his artwork extensively in Paris, once in London, and several times in the United States. In his artwork, Robert most often takes dream images and bites out of his own life and puts them on canvas, paper, or the computer screen. His themes include the hidden aura-energy within all living and non-living subjects and their surrounding environments.
E-mail: quantexz@earthlink.net


Patrick Stacy (art for "Ladies' Bug"), like many before, started young. His main emphasis in childhood was in comics. Never content, the challenge was then to illustrate freehand -- now that would be talent. Early influences are still inspirational today, such as the legendary Frazetta, Vallejo, and Parrish. Classical influences were Rubens and Caravaggio. Stacy was winner of the L.Ron Hubbard's Illustrators of the Future contest in 1996 and has two illustrations within the volume.
E-mail: pld895@aol.com


Alain Valet (art for "A Slight Case of Indulgence") is a fantasy-surrealist-SF illustrator.
E-mail: alainvalet@wanadoo.be
Websites: http://www.magikglasses.com/aez/alainswf.html and http://www.artmajeur.com/alainvalet



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