About the Authors


William W. Brownson ("The No-Name Abduction") is a sixty-two-year-old retired construction worker. Science fiction has been his lifelong obsession.
E-mail: William@thevortex.com


Neil Burlington ("Battle Book") lives in Barrie, ON, Canada. His favorite SF authors include Orson Scott Card, Isaac Asimov, and Neal Stephenson. His first young reader book, "Mitch Kingly & The Weekend Monsters" is available on Amazon (type the title into the search bar). Neil's first SF novel "META" currently is under consideration at Edge SF & Fantasy in Calgary. His agent, Janet Kay and Associates, is looking for a publisher for his first romance novel "Lover's Island" (about a reality-based television show shot on a tropical island and the struggle for integrity and compassion for the contestants while competing for ratings). His favorite pop-culture activities include movie trivia (favorite movie is "Scream") and music (his favorite albums are "Chess" and "Crime of the Century").


Ray Dangel (Associate Editor and Staff Robot) brings forth green shoots amid the snowdrifts.


Michael H. Hanson ("Monster") is a former Army Brat, former Film Major, and former Lifeguard who lives in New Jersey, edits Technical Journals for Engineers, enjoys reading science fiction novels, and watches the TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" WAY too much.
E-mail: m.hanson@ieee.org


Von Kraemer ("The Wall") is a science fiction writer, science cartoonist, artist, and musician. A graduate of Hollywood Mass Media, a Director and Production Designer, this old-school punk is now dedicating his energies to produce his first love -- Killer Science Fiction. Von most recently has been honored by the Hubble Heritage foundation (NASA) for his short story "Hoag's Objectives", pondering the existence of a most unusual galaxy. It is excerpted on their web site. Other stuff is at NFG, Quantum Muse, Planet Magazine, and Alien Q. Screw Steven Baxter and his unlit universe.
E-mail: killerscifi@aol.com


Gregory Paul Mineeff ("Until Another Emerges") has had work published in Antipodean SF, Aphelion SF, Dotlit: The Online Journal Of Creative Writing, and FourW fourteen. He is 22 years old, a university graduate in English Literature, and
lives in Wollonong, Australia.
E-mail: gpmineeff@hotmail.com


Andrew G. McCann (Editor; "Editorial & Letters") posits the existence of himself.


Stephen Michael McGowan ("Lamb") was born, or more properly spawned, in the city of Hull on the east coast of England. He could read and write before he could tell time...in fact he's still often late for appointments. After reading his first book he became an avid and hungry reader of all genres, although horror and sci fi piqued his imagination more than anything else. He's been an author of poetry since early adulthood, but has recently turned his hand to short fiction. Most of what he wrote in his youth, both poetry and stories, were for the enjoyment of friends and family. Now with a tool such as the Internet he can share his dreams…and his nightmares… with many more people. Samples of his poetry can be found on the www.poetry.com website, but as for submitting short stories, "Lamb" represents one of his first tentative steps in that direction. "Lamb" was not always named thus; in fact, the story itself was supposed to be something very different from what it now is, but it seemed almost to write itself in the wee small hours…he's really going to have to stop writing in bars!
E-mail: prestimion@aol.com


William Alan Rieser ("Just In Case" and "Three Destinies"; excerpt from "Nadir"), born in New York City, less than 3 miles from the World Trade Center, originally was a musician and spent many years composing, conducting, teaching, and performing music on the East Coast. His earliest writing influences were Tolkien, H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, and Poul Anderson. He is now retired in Fort Worth, Texas, with his wife, Sandra, who edits his writings and doesn't give him the slightest break on syntax or style, even though he expresses nought but loving thoughts to her. For several years he experimented with short stories for SF/F e-zines but now prefers to concentrate on more developed themes. In this last year, he published "The Kaska Trilogy" and "The Chronicles of Zusalem" via Writers Club Press, an organization associated with iUniverse and Barnes and Noble. His latest novel, "Luna Parabella", has received a rave review at Amazon.com. Many other novels have been completed and are awaiting publication, such as "Furnace". His articles, humorous and serious, are popping up everywhere, especially in his column at scifantastic. Currently, he is working on a mainstream novel and promises a mystery. He enjoys talking to writers, novice or professional, and encourages contact.
E-mail: wrieser@sbcglobal.net
Website: http://rieserbooks.homestead.com/rieserbooks.html


E.S. Strout ("Barrier") has been published in small-press print magazines "Crossroads", "Lovecraft's Mystery Magazine", "Fading Shadows", "Mad Scientist", and "Millennium Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine". In addition to Planet Magazine, his stories have appeared in Internet publications "Jackhammer", "Beyond s-f", "Millennium SF&F", and "Demensions". E.S. Strout is on the faculty of the U.C. Irvine Medical Center, where he teaches skin pathology to dermatology residents.
E-mail: gino_ss@earthlink.net


Tony Thorne, MBE ("Monument") is an eccentric but easygoing Englishman living in a small town near Vienna, with his attractive Austrian wife. He's a part-time software programmer and writer of offbeat fiction.
Fiction: short stories in two UK Science Fiction Monthly magazines.
- How to be a Top Executive [Etcetera Press - GB]
- The Quality of Life. [Etcetera Press - GB]
- The Junior Philosophical Society (in negotiation)
- Poetry: Second Opinion [The Poets Yearbook Ltd. - UK]
- Featured in many UK semi-pro magazines, and anthologies.
- Prizes etc: Short Story Competitions 2001 and 2002, (www.literaryagent.co.uk)
- Hon. Mention - Byline Magazine, USA.
E-mail: tonythorne@aol.com
Website: www.tonythorne.com


Thomas Wagner (Associate Editor) is the best dang associate editor in durn near the whole county!


Joe Vadalma ("One Moonless Night") is a retired technical writer who used to work for a major computer company. He's a voracious reader but is especially fond of science fiction and fantasy. He's had the following short stories published in Internet magazines: "Absolute Creation," The Fifth Dimension, June 2002; "Androids in Pax," Dark Moon Rising, October 2003; "Apartment in Clam City," EOTU, August 2002; "Archeologist and the Physicist," SFF World, June 2003; "Automatia," Aphelion, July 2002; "Conspiracy in Time," Dark Moon Rising, February 2003; "Cosmoergy," Martian Wave, March 2002; "Count Poperazi," Swords Edge, January 2003; "Empty Planet," Aphelion, February 2002; "Gunther," Dark Moon Rising, October 2002; "Immortal Homecoming," Aphelion, June 2003; "The Key," Dark Moon Rising, April 2002; "Mind Odyssey," Planet Magazine, March 2003; "Mist and Shadow," Alternate Realities, March 2003; "Nothing but a Coward," Writer's Hood, March 2003; "Pop-Art Nightmare," Nocturne Horizons, January 2002; "Psychic Pop-Up," Planet Magazine, September 2003; "Sands of Time," Dark Moon Rising, January 2001; "Shadow in the Sky," Aphelion, April 2002; "Strange Artifact," Planet Magazine, June 2003; "Vampire Trial," Aphelion, October 2003; "Widget Factory," Aorfe's Kiss, March 2003. Joe also has written several novels that are yet to be published. To see more of his writing, visit his website at www.geocities.com/papajoev. It is called "The Fantastic World of Papa Joe."
E-mail: jvadalma@hvc.rr.com


Nancy Wilcox ("Memory Lane"), an avatar of the hereditary overmother of Sagittarius III, is based in this reality in Oil Country. One can, on ritual occasions, spot her worshippers performing "The Dance of The Nervous Aside". Locals profess to believe these are indigenous Russian Thistles, and ignore the odd gulping sounds -- as well as the odor of fried rabbit that drifts through the mesquite and cactus. What a wonderful base this reality is for interstellar conquest. And the rabbit is quite good, too.
E-mail: nancywilcox@hotmail.com



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