Spiral Universe, by Romeo Esparrago

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The Wall
by Von Kraemer


They were all wrong. We were all wrong. We are the same now.

Elected and pushed by memory of simple eyes looking into the darkness of space. New cognitives. Creativity.

Nothing can be proved in a dark Universe. All the matter that counts for the initial expansion is non-irradiative.

The ship lived and sang. The quality of traveling across space-time was a joy that Ship loved. She is my parasite. An extension of my mind. She loves to forward across the singularities.

The beauty of full galaxies fading to lumps of matter only seen in the dark by gravity. Swirling projection ever shrinking.

A simple egg. A little place, the size of a few atomic nuclei across. Lumped within space filled by sub-atomics.


In the great expansion a habitat; a window on the Universe. Coherehance is always a first.

When I was a simple Moid, a life force of biology, I used to shoot pebbles by the stream side. I would watch as the little rocks would bounce off the water. Simple pleasures.

The joy of being stuck to the face of the planet.

Blood and consciousness of old. I revel in my ancient birth. The growth of our being. I lived once upon a surface and contemplated the Universe.

A fractal; a function. All is different now. Condensed and composed by written structure. Artificial, but alive nonetheless.

But life structures evolve and we must always remember our origins. Sometimes I long for the simple pleasure of bio-life. Aloud, to run upon legs under the emissions of a fiery yellow sun.

Millions of years ago.

But now black is upon black and we search for the light. The metaphysics of our questioning past.

Ship tells me that it is time to reawaken. For a billion revolutions of our home galaxy has past and we are nearing the edge of the initial expansion.

I once had an Idea, a new thought, not presupposed by my mechanical parents. The reason to keep our biology alive. What was at the Edge?

I grasped the concept that everything is accelerating apart faster than can be explained.

I suggested the Wall. I was elevated to mechanics, absorbed.

Our ship nears the edge of the Universe.

And the gravity increases.

There is a fold of dark matter. The total dump of all the light and photonic and neutrionic light matter sent to the edges, the shell encompassing our little Universe.

The curtain that hold back the rest of the infinity.

We near the edge and are accelerated.

Punch the thrust that holds up inside.

The curtain is penetrated and all the other Universes shed their light back onto our tiny egg.

Infinity exists and I wish to return to my original sun and the sky for a while.

I wish to raise a new family that may question the Universe as I did.

They may go farther.

Farther than the Wall, I saw as a child, composed of ancient man.



"For Steven"

Story © 2003 by Von Kramer killerscifi@aol.com

Illustration © 2003 by Romeo Esparrago romeo@planetmag.com

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