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Ehrad (art for "Four SciFaiku", "Last Hope", and "The Planets I Have Visited") believes that through all the many wondrous inner and outer journeys we make, we begin to see, if we seize the moment, that out there and in here, are the same. Shier jamba yanna.
E-mail: THUNDERSHUMA@aol.com


Romeo Esparrago (Chief Artist Emeritus; art for "Accidental Cover", "The Ghosts of Tedjai", "The Iceman", and "The Larva at the End of a Barstool") turns 40 this year. This is significant because not only is it one number below the number of this current issue of Planet Magazine but also because he is an alien Mestizar, having come from the loins of a Shortmo from the planet Dwarfaiea, whose average lifespans end at 39. Romeo would thus be considered particularly long-lived in Dwarfaiea. But being fathered by a spacefaring Livelongo (originally from the planet Andprospero) whose average lifespans end at 122, Romeo's average lifespan should be between 70 and 90, thus ensuring that at 40, he departs the Mestizar planetary pre-pubescent years and now enters his galactic adolescent phase (Mestizars never grow up since the galactic adolescence phase lasts about 40 years).
E-mail: http://www.romedome.com/emailform.html
Website: http://www.romedome.com/


Mike "Warble" Finucane (art for "Mad Avenue") is an artist who works with fantasy art mostly, but can do science fiction, as well. He has been published in Christian Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, and can do futuristic formats in art. He has also been published in Psychology Art Journals.
E-mail: artofwarble@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.geocities.com/artofwarble/


Senthil GK (art for "Glossolalia"), having done his degree in Applied Art from Chitra Kala Parishat, Bangalore, realized that he needed to do something that interested him more, things like character design, comic illustration, and animation. For this to materialize, joining “National Institute of Design” India, became his dream. He was lucky and his hard work paid off. He completed his diploma at “National Institute of Design” with specialization in Animation Film Design. Currently, he works as a senior creative designer with Communication Design Group, Infosys Technologies Ltd. Involved in visualizing and developing graphics for in-house Multimedia presentations, product demos, simulation software, UI design for Web, Posters, animation, and video and for different media. He pursues his interest in creative work with dedication. Basically, his fields of interest are after-death phenomena, psychology, Pain, science fiction, and character design. There is no out-burst of happiness and well-being. Most of his works are an explosion of the internal pain which ultimately brings in the artistic pleasure through an intricate balance, and he likes to explore the other "ends" or the opposites.
E-mail: kumargksk@yahoo.com


Leo Lin, AKA Gaia-Gear (cover art and art for "Amanda", "Karen's Last Game", and "Steel Can"), is a 30-ish human-small-potato mutant document-management software development hard-labourer with Asian heritage. Born during the dawn of Japanese robot animations, he was always fascinated with all sorts of things related to science fiction -- essentially, a dreamer. He has been on and off building scale scifi models since his early teens, but he started collecting 1/6th action figures eight years ago. He regarded the figures as a population that dwelled on his orbital station orbiting planet Earth; they can be seen via the link below. His motto for each project, well, for every other thing in life too: Follow the flow, listen to your heart.
Website: http://members.rogers.com/gaiagear/main.htm


Robert Sorensen (art for "Why Do We Grow Up?") was born in Summit, New Jersey, has lived in Paris, France, and currently resides in Colorado. His education includes studying painting at L'Academie des Beux Arts de Chaville and studying acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute in NYC, followed by professional work in a theatrical touring company and later, work in TV, films, and documentaries. Robert also wrote an SF screenplay about saving planet Earth from an alien invasion in the year 2059, with the title "QUANTEX-Z or ATOMIC VISIONS". Robert is an avid international voyager whose passion is to visit, contact, and experience the cultures and peoples from all over Planet Earth and has visited most of Europe, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, and most recently Mexico. Robert has exhibited his artwork extensively in Paris, once in London, and several times in the United States. In his artwork, Robert most often takes dream images and bites out of his own life and puts them on canvas, paper, or the computer screen. His themes include the hidden aura-energy within all living and non-living subjects and their surrounding environments.
E-mail: quantexz@earthlink.net


Patrick Stacy (art for "Good Job" and "Second Chances"), like many before, started young. His main emphasis in childhood was in comics. Never content, the challenge was then to illustrate freehand -- now that would be talent. Early influences are still inspirational today, such as the legendary Frazetta, Vallejo, and Parrish. Classical influences were Rubens and Caravaggio. Stacy was winner of the L.Ron Hubbard's Illustrators of the Future contest in 1996 and has two illustrations within the volume.
E-mail: artboy@adelphia.net



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