About the Authors


Matthew Aitkenhead ("Glossolalia") was born in 1974 and lives in Aberdeen, Scotland. He has worked as barman, painter, kitchen porter, and university technician, and is currently a jack-of-all-trades scientist. His loves include beer, curry, and his wife Kris (not necessarily in that order!).
E-mail: m.aitkenhead@macaulay.ac.uk


Lee Beavington ("The Planets I Have Visited") is a Biology Lab Instructor at Kwantlen University College.  His passions include writing, music, film, running, nature, and far too many others to pursue in one lifetime.  Over the last few years, he has written thirty science-fiction stories and a fantasy novel, for which he is currently seeking publication.  Lee currently resides on the west coast of Canada, on a little street called Zero Avenue.
E-mail: agentsage@hotmail.com


Christian R. Bonawandt ("Good Job") has had more than a dozen short stories published since 2002 -- including the short story "Death By A Salesman" and "A Careful Plan," which appeared in the September 2002 and 2003 issues of Planet Magazine, respectively. He is currently working to sell two completed novels.
E-mail: WordDude79@aol.com


Cassie ("Four SciFaiku") is a Cyberwoman from Sweden. By night she writes poems and short stories.
E-mail: cybercassie_72@yahoo.se
Website: http://cybercassie.org


Keith Crews ("Mad Avenue") is a 36-year-old CNC Machinist with four novels written and a fifth in progress. He has a story featured in September's 2003 Issue of Planet Magazine. He likes his women fast, beer cold, and sci-fi that messes up his brain.
E-mail: SciFy@aol.com


Ray Dangel (Associate Editor and Staff Robot) can control bees and plant growth through mind power. But not at the same time.


Sasha Gorelik ("Why Do We Have to Grow Up?") has been writing and directing multicultural storytellings and original
plays for children at schools, libraries, and theaters across Colorado for a decade. He also has worked as a professional writer for major radio, newspapers, and online magazines for years. Previous publishing credits include: Enfuse Magazine, Hybrid Magazine, Fantasy Today, Muse Apprentice Guild, and Bewildering Stories. He is currently looking for representation for a science fiction novel about transnebular sparks and hackers called "The Sparks of Aion".
E-mail: tcircus@msn.com


Nathan J. Kailhofer ("Karen's Last Game") is 34 years old and happily married with three wonderful kids and three cats. He's a third-generation union printer at a 124-year-old company in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. (Either he, his dad, and his grandpa just weren't smart enough to get away, or maybe there's something about printer's ink that's addictive.) Nathan owns a library of over 2,000 novels, mostly science fiction and mysteries, which he inherited. A love of good writing might be a family addiction, too.
E-mail: kailhofer@yahoo.com


R.A. St. Afarian ("The Larva at the End of a Barstool"), a Tanzanian author, is a Sagittarian by profession who refuses to settle down, or get married, despite his girlfriend's and her parents’ wishes/request/pleas/blackmails/threats over the past twenty-six years.
E-mail: stafarian@open-interfaces.org



Sheryl K. Lindsay ("Accidental Cover") is a Scottish writer of horror, supernatural, and science fiction and has been published in Darkness Rising, Dark Corners, and Anotherealm.
E-mail: sheryllindsay@hotmail.com


Andrew G. McCann (Editor; "Editorial & Letters") is the inventor of two new electronic/industrial convergence-gadget concepts: "The PDA Dishwasher", which is a compact, rolling dishwasher with PIM functions and 8 MB of memory, and "The Digital-Camera Segway", a converted Segway with a 0.3 megapixel camera built into the handlebars. Future PDA-Ds and Digi-Camways are expected to have 16-bit color screens, double the memory or image resolution, PC-synchronization capability (Mac support is planned), and sleek, metallic plastic trim.


D. Nordling ("Steel Can") is a professional engineer with a major aerospace company in Los Angeles. Working for the military-industrial complex has been a rewarding service in the noble cause of progressive world domination, but not altogether satisfying. Poetry is his other love. He resides with his wife in L.A.
E-mail: d_nordling@yahoo.com


Brian C. Petroziello ("The Iceman") is a 50-year-old lawyer living with his wife, Karan, and two youngest children in Clayton, Ohio. He recently has been able to get back to writing as his children started leaving the nest, and time started to become available. His last publication was in Pig Iron Press in 1982. Another story has been accepted by Black Petals.
E-mail: bpetroz@aol.com


Arthur Sánchez ("Second Chances") is a writer from Peekskill, New York. He's had more than 20 different professions in his life -- from Actor to Night Watchman, from Web-Site Designer to Stained-Glass Craftsman. But the thing he enjoys most is trying to tell a good tale. His work has appeared in "2 AM Magazine," "Fantasy Review," "Anotherealm.com," and "Chicken Soup for the Romantic Soul." He is currently working on a series of fantasy novels.
E-mail: Arthur@ArthurSanchez.com
Website: http://www.ArthurSanchez.com


Daniel C. Smith ("For Isaac"), in the arena of speculative fiction, has over thirty short stories and poems either published or awaiting publication with various small press and semi-professional magazines, both print and web, including Bare Bone, Black Petals, Lunatic Chameleon, Hadrosaur Tales, and The Leading Edge. In addition, he has published more mainstream poetry and creative non-fiction in such venues as Fresh Views, Inscape, and New Author's Journal.
E-mail: chstop1@netzero.com


E.S. Strout ("Amanda") has been published in small-press print magazines "Crossroads", "Lovecraft's Mystery Magazine", "Fading Shadows", "Mad Scientist", and "Millennium Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine". In addition to Planet Magazine, his stories have appeared in Internet publications "Jackhammer", "Beyond s-f", "Millennium SF&F", and "Demensions". E.S. Strout is on the faculty of the U.C. Irvine Medical Center, where he teaches skin pathology to dermatology residents.
E-mail: gino_ss@earthlink.net


Thomas Wagner (Associate Editor) owes the editor a cup of coffee.


Bob Wallace ("Last Hope") has a degree in Journalism and has been a newspaper reporter and editor. These days he's an online columnist. He does not "write" stories; they come to him, complete, in his dreams, usually after a few beers. And that is the truth.
E-mail: bob.wallace@worldnet.att.net


Tamara Wilhite ("The Ghosts of Tedjai") is, gasp!, an engineer who can write! A science fiction writer who actually knows science! Horror! No, wait, she doesn't write horror. But she does write practically everything else.
E-mail: tamarawilhite@hotmail.com



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