Red Rocks, by Robert Sorensen

Through the 100 Meter Lens
by Allen Itz


we will see it all

the beginning

and the end before

the beginning

and beyond

to all beginnings

and all endings

until finally

we will see it

the face of it

who/that started

all the marbles rolling

the god-awesome it

some call the

awesome god of all

maybe/maybe not

for it is what it is

unchanging until before

the greedy eye of man

it will be seen and known

no longer a question

for philosophers and mystics

but a paragraph

in a middle-school textbook

a thrill ride at a theme park

a comic illustration

on the side of

a second-grader's lunch box

Poem © 2004 by Allen Itz

Artwork © 2004 by Robert Sorensen

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