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Awards and Solemn Testimonials

Step Outside award, from Outside:S&DF
Step Outside award winner, March 1999.

This site is an Event Horizon Hot Spot
EVENT HORIZON Hot Spot winner, August 1998.

The Poet's Award The Humor Award The Best Webzine Award
Poet's Award winner, July 1998. Humor Award winner, August 1998. Best Webzine Award winner, August 1998.

Cole And Cash's Fiendish Best On The Web Award
"I just happened on your site and was most impressed....  Keep up the great work!
Places like yours are sorely needed in this too-ordinary world." -- Allan Cole, SF/Fantasy author (1997)

The Great GOO Award
"The Great GOO Award: An award given out to sites who want to exchange a friendly link, who possess originality in content or design (or both), and who are looking to increase traffic." -- 1997.

About This Particular Macintosh
"Planet Magazine is...concerned mostly with science fiction and horror, but blessed with poetry and rather pleasing artwork, too. The stories are top notch, and the whole is presented without much fluff, but with a certain degree of self-awareness I find refreshing....[Y]ou can tell that the publisher and his staff are real fans of the genre. While the topic may not be as cultured as that of the competition, the magazine is a high quality affair that deserves recognition...." -- "About This Particular Mac", Vol. 2.01, "The Best E-Zines of 1995"; First Place (tie) Literature category.

Planet is "a damn fine magazine!" -- Spider Robinson, author of "Callahan's Crosstime Saloon" and other fine books.

"Planet Magazine is consistently good, and well worth the time if you're a fiction buff." --ZiffNet, 1995.

Planet "is what an EZine SHOULD look like! I'm increasing my budget for color cartridges for my printer this year...and hope to see more of this Zine!" -- AOL's Writers Club Forum, 1994.

Magellan 4 Star Site
"Planet magazine is an attempt to make science fiction and fantasy fiction more professional and accessible. It is a Web page which succeeds in catching this writer's attention because of its excellent graphics, and smart organization.... Science fiction buffs will most definitely be entertained.... Planet Magazine is a professional and creative publication worth a look. -- Magellan, 4-Star Review, 1995.

Best NY Web Site
Chosen as a Best New York Web Site, 1996.

Planet Magazine was included on The Info-Mac Archive's "Best of the Internet" CD-ROMs for 1995 and 1996.

An OmniVision Winner
An Omnivision Winner, 1996.

Top 5% of All Web Sites
Top 5% of All Web Sites, 1996.

"Like 'Hello, Dolly!' meets 'Alien 4', with a dash of William Gibson and a sprinkle of 'The TeleTubbies.'"
-- Biedermeier X. Leeuwenhoek, audience plant, 2999. (unwired)

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