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Japanese Anime, Heroes, and Manga.
Book-editing service and resources for writers and readers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Great Science-Fiction & Fantasy Works
Dedicated to presenting works in the fields of science-fiction and fantasy (sometimes collectively called 'speculative fiction') that get high grades for literary quality without needing any bonus points just for being SF&F. The books are judged as just books, not as 'science-fiction books' or 'fantasy books'.

Whispers of Wickedness
Dark, atmospheric art and fiction, regularly updated website, quarterly print
zine, and chapbook publication.

Green Tentacles
For people and businesses in the speculative fiction industries.

Preditors & Editors
Home of the Preditors & Editors Readers Poll, among many other resources.

[Science Fiction Resource Guide]
The Science Fiction Resource Guide (SFRG).

Tyrannosaurus Press
This small publishing house in New Orleans specializes in science fiction and fantasy. Its goal is to help both new and established authors produce and promote quality works of SF&F.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Database
Online access to over 55,000 historical and critical items about science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Yesterday's Tomorrows
This site explores the history of the future -- our expectations and beliefs about things to come. From ray guns to robots, to nuclear-powered cars, to the Atom-Bomb house, to predictions and inventions that went awry, "Yesterday's Tomorrows" helps us understand the values and hopes Americans hold and have held about the years to come.

Timeship Studio
Web site offering sci-fi radio dramas. The producers also offer free online production classes to volunteers in the areas of voices, music, sound effects, etc.

Mars Unearthed
Animated, unretouched images of Mars. Spooky.

The review of science fact and science fiction. Formerly (1987-1997) the annual (paper) magazine distributed at the UK national SF convention and European SF convention.

This site includes SF art galleries, a virtual museum, the top 100 SF movies, free SF screensavers, etc.

Locus Magazine
News, reviews, resources, and perspectives of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Encyclopedia of Arda
Everything you wanted to know about the world created by J.R. Tolkien.

A Barsoom Glossary
by David Bruce Bozarth
Everything you needed to know about the world created by Edgar Rice Burroughs

The Baltimore Science Fiction Society
is a non-profit educational organization offering resources of interest to science fiction fans.

The Pulp Zone
your online reference to the Golden Age of pulp magazines.

3 A.M. Publishing
an excellent resource for both writers and readers.

SF Site
bills itself as "the home page for science fiction and fantasy," and that's a very good description. You'll find lots of book reviews here, as well as feature articles, commentary, interviews, and links to top SF magazines like Analog and Asmiov's. Go visit.

offers fresh, original speculative fiction -- as much as possible, as often as possible. There's a lot of good stuff to read here.

Spicy Green Iguana
is a speculative fiction magazine link resource guide for writers, readers, and artists. It has more than 300 links to genre magazines large and small, print and online, and includes submission addresses, monthly reviews, and a section devoted to magazines without an Internet presence.

Critters Workshop
is an on-line workshop/critique group for serious writers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Speculative Vision
is "the Science Fiction and Fantasy Resource Network" and is a very nice place to spend some time.

Nuketown is a very well done Webzine of speculative fiction. You can also find movie reviews, X-Files info, and more.

"SFF Net is designed to support fast-moving, intelligent conversation about genre literature of all kinds. It's the place for authors, editors, readers, and publishers to get together to discuss books, stories, the art and craft of popular fiction, and all aspects of the literary life."

Clocktower Fiction
"Clocktower Fiction provides free quality original fiction for avid readers..."

Twisted Dreams
by Duncan Long.
A gallery of twisted art.

[John Labovitz's E-Zine List]
The E-Zine List.
An original, but no longer being updated.

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