Simple Representation of Mr. Thithp


by Thithp of Blipp

Metal cylinder burn through world. Fiery screams. Awe. Terror. Much death.


The hot thing stand on The Under. Then. Open. Emerging, moving.

New sounds: ". . . and remove your helmets. . . Wow, this is fantastic; get a few

lungfuls of this atmosphere. . . Better than Earthís. . . I could breathe this all day. . ."

Families. Friends. Mutilated. Gone.  

(Editorís Note: We hope this story, translated by Andrew McCann, will be the first in a
series we will call "The Best Alien Fiction." Thithpís tale, considered a horror classic on
the Blipp homeworld, as well as many other planets, was "written" four standard-years
ago into the Blipp Collective Gas, soon after the chaos of First Contact. For this series,
"Noses" was translated directly from the Blipp Odor-Tongue using a specially configured
SonyIBM Universal Translator.
Next issue, we hope to present another chilling tale, this time from a writer on a newly
discovered world ó Riw in Sector IV. Excerpted from an 800-page novel by Ceh Ff of the
Soil People, this menacing story is titled, "Treads.")

Story and illustration copyright 1994 by Andrew G. McCann

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