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Robert Alan writes non-fiction for a living and fiction for fun, but hopes someday to
write fiction for both reasons.

Rick Blackburn, a disabled Vietnam Vet, is interested in astronomy, astrophysics,
role-playing gaming, drawing, and writing. He's a FANatic fan of Star Trek, Star Trek,
The Next Generation, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who, and SF in general. He is
also president of the Power Pack Fan Club, and can be reached at:
POWER PACK FAN CLUB, PO Box 13712, Los Angeles, CA, 90013-0712.

Thomas J. Keenan is a drummer in Cleveland, Ohio.

Biedermeier X. Leeuwenhoek the guest editor, is unaware that he is fictional.

Toni Long is a black woman, revolutionary, cat owner, and displaced Texan living in
NYC. Her work has appeared in "Standards," among other publications, and will appear in
upcoming issues of "Evergreen Chronicles" and "Bay Area Poets Coalition."

Kevin McAuley is a Brooklyn-based writer.

Andrew McCann is a writer and editor in New York City.

Margaret McCann is a professor of painting and published writer living in New
England. Her work has appeared in "Primavera," among other publications.

George Pfister is an award-winning poet living in Brooklyn. His poems have
appeared in such publications as "New Press" and "Parnassus."

Mark Philips is a poet in New York City.

Kate Tana is a Philadelphia lawyer who's really a horror writer.   

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