Planet Magazine


Editor and Publisher (and Layout and Graphics)
Andrew G. McCann

Copy Editors, Proofreaders, Advisors
Toni Long, Joan Warner, Donna Fleming, Louella Salvador, Greg Deutsch, David Leibowitz
Cover Art ("Big Orange Planet!")
by Andrew G. McCann, copyright 1994


Planet Magazine accepts short stories, poems, one-act plays, and odds-and-ends (use
the lengths in this issue as guidelines). We want original, unpublished SF, fantasy,
horror, humor, etc. (eschew porno, gore, tragic parent/offspring explorations). Because
Planet is free, we can't afford to pay anything. Send submissions (as Stuffit-compressed
ASCII files or, if brief, uncompressed ASCII) to PlanetMag on America Online (internet: 


Contents, design, and the name Planet Magazine are Copyright © 1994 by Andrew G.
McCann. All rights reserved. Individual stories, poetry, or illustrations copyright ©
1994 their respective authors or creators, who grant this magazine one-time rights. All
people and events in this magazine are entirely fictitious and bear no resemblance to actual
people or events.


Originally cmposed on an Apple Quadra 605 using DOCmaker 4.02. Text set in 12 point Geneva; the
logotype is Times. Illustrations done in Color It! 2.3 or KidPix 1.1. Planet is published
by Cranberry Street Press, Andrew G. McCann, publisher.


"And as the star shone in the Heavens
They landed . . .
Like flocking geese they slithered across
the drunken streets
They carried laterns and slayed animals
dragged from the skies and beaten off the earths
For it was the Elves, once again returning
for their twenty-four-day feast . . ." Thomas J. Keenan   

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