Alien Hell, by RomeDome  


by Charles Albano

SSSSHHHHH, don't wake IT! 

Constellations would shatter-- 
complex ripples of the seas 
lose form, 
shadows their hiding places, 
warmth drain from the sky, 
all things would go out of focus, 
into final chaos, 
then fall of chaos. 

All the wrinkled leaves, 
the rainbows that dance 
in the spray 
of garden fountains 
and surf 
world over; 
existence halted 
like a model train when 
its hot, humming transformer 
is switched off-- 


I lost all power in a storm, 
Then restoration came, abrupt. 
The time on all my clocks was wrong, 
And my TV antenna had pretzled up! 

I reset all my clocks and switches, 
When I noticed that my TV screen, 
Was covered with strange dots and twitches, 
The likes of which I had never seen. 

Then came a flash and more surprise-- 
And staring right back out at me, 
Was my own face through my own eyes-- 
A prompt read,"Live from Planet Three!" 

Well....I'm not as nuts as it may seem; 
I know what I saw, and that's a fact! 
I did appear on that cosmic screen; 
I taped it and can play it back! 

The oddest part, it sems to me, 
Was the uniform my image wore, 
In that studio on Planet Three-- 
In a parallel universe I'm sure! 


The thing that knows 
but can not say, 
left a magician's trail 
in time one day, 
to mark its passage 
across an electronic desert-- 
an unsubstantial messenger 
from the unknown, 
a sub-atomic hummingbird-- 
it moved forward then, 
through the field of time, 
dropping the first seed 
of a revolutionary paradigm!   *  

Poem copyright ©1998 by Charles Albano <CharlesAlbano@WebTV.net> 

Illustration copyright ©1998 by Romeo Esparrago <romedome@aol.com>


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