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"Planet Magazine Says: "A Watched Boil Never Pops"
Charles Albano ("Let It Sleep", "Live From Planet Three", "The Unbounded") is an adjunct professor of management at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey.  He also operates his own firm (Adaptive Leadership) providing management training to business and government (his business site is being built now).  He takes particular interest in new paradigms in the sciences that will influence human affairs. He has only recently been submitting his collected poems for publication. His poems have been accepted in Grepoetry, The Central California Poetry Review, Creative Studios, Centerfold-Online, The Poetic Express, and Garden of Grasses. Charles' business site on the Web is now established at: <http://adaptive-leadership.com>, which features his collection of over 30 business and leadership poems.  <CharlesAlbano@webtv.net>
Allen Butler ("The Mud Puddle") is a student who likes to write in his spare time. <Gigem2004@prodigy.net>
Atk. Butterfly ("Spacer's Digest") works as a Computer Programmer/Systems Analyst, most often as a contractor.  An avid science fiction reader, Atk. has written a number of science fiction stories.  Some have actually been published, in Aphelion, The Blue Lady, Dragon Dreaming, The Dragon's Lair, Dream Forge, Eternity Online, Exodus, Fusion, Just Because, Keen Science Fiction!, Professional Writers Forum, The Rock, The Tales' Realm, TimeWinder, Titan Webzine, and Veils Magazine.  As well, he wrote a few technical computer articles which were published in computer magazines.  His novel, Washout, is available online from HyperBooks Online at <http://www.hyperbooks.com/>.   Atk. is an Event Host on Prodigy in the Books and Writing Area, where he moderates a writing workshop for science fiction, fantasy, horror, and humor.  He is presently the editor of Preditors & Editors, a Web resource for writers, composers, and artists, located at <http://pages.prodigy.com/sf4free>,  which he hopes people will visit and enjoy.  <atkbutterfly@prodigy.com>
David Corbett ("The Feeling Begins") has an overflowing imagination, and is trying to see if he  
has enough willpower to put it all down on paper.  He is an avid runner, and when not racing, he  
tree-plants, writes poetry, and walks long distances. <dcorbett@icrossroads.com>
Ray Dangel ("Sanity at the Keyboards") is Associate Editor of Planet Magazine.  He is a retired newspaper editor who lives near Denver, Colorado.  He has been reading and writing science fiction for many years. <radangel@eazy.net>
Romeo Esparrago (volunteer art guy wannabe) says: Did you know that Johnny Rico in the movie "Starship Troopers" should've been played by Romeo?  Robert Heinlein wrote that Rico is Filipino, just like Romeo!  Anyways, visit Romeo's RomeDome.Com Web site at <http://www.romedome.com>.  <romedome@aol.com>
Dennis Fisher ("A Curiosity") is a Maine native who moved back there after living many years in a cramped nearby state, bought a small old farm near Bangor, and has taken up organic growing.  He went to college at Colby in Waterville.  The climate can be trying, but it isn't nearly as bad as in Aroostook County, where I was born.  There, the snow drifts up over the houses and people tunnel from place to place under the snow, like voles.  Dennis has written a book on navigation called "Latitude Hooks and Azimuth Rings" for TAB/McGraw-Hill, published in 1994, and three books on homebrewing for Storey Publishing. The latest, "The Homebrewer's Garden", on growing your own brewing ingredients, should appear in fall 1998.  Dennis collaborates a lot with his brother and writing partner, Joe Fisher.  He's also sold two science fiction stories to Aboriginal Science Fiction: "Locals" and "Feeders".  These concern the adventures of a hardbitten fisherman named Tom on a rocky, watery planet full of incredibly violent natives called Locals.  <azimuth@bangornews.infi.net>
Sharone Katz ("Dewey Meets the Alien") is part human, part animated character.  She's been known to answer to the name "Bonehead."  Will write for food.  <skbj@worldnet.att.net>
Jean King ("Rocketeering") is a poet.  <phoenixstar@worldnet.att.net>
Bidermeier van Leeuwonhoek (zilch) once again appears only in the About the Authors page.  He once groped himself yet remains at large, and unprosecuted.  Beware the idiots of March, quoth he.  <neo-Luddite>
Jonathan Lowe ("Dittohead") was born in Minneapolis and now resides in Tucson.  He has won writing awards from South Carolina Arts Commission, Greenville Arts Festival, and Writer's Digest Magazine.  In 1987 he scripted a short film for the Greenville Symphony, titled "Ghostly Mozart," which was shown to students in the local school system and at the Symphony's Mozart Festival.  In addition, readings of two short plays were given at the Warehouse Theater in Greenville, and one long play "Caribbean Blue" at the Old Pueblo Playwrights in Tucson.  His play "Doctor Whom" was published by the Contemporary Service, and his short play "Almost Persuaded" was produced at BLU.  His first novel, a suspense fiction set in Tucson and titled Postmarked For Death, was published in the spring of 1996 in hardcover.  Magazine credits include Omni, Los Angeles, International Living, Adventure Travel, Cruising World, Rider, Real People, Arizona Highways, The George Mason University Review, and the Tucson Guide Quarterly.  Electronic Books reviewed recently in Phoenix Magazine and Mystery Scene.  <JonFLowe@aol.comURL: <http://www.mirror.org/commerce/hmspress/lowe.html>
Andrew G. McCann ("If This Is Tuesday...") is editor and naif artiste of Planet Magazine, which is notorious throughout the Five Quadrants as "The Tall Nordics' Ill-Conceived Gift to Mankind."  He wrote and drew anything in the zine that's otherwise unattributed.  His home page: <http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/5801/>.  Planet Magazine's home page: <http://www.etext.org/Zines/planet/>  <andy@planetmag.com>
Irette Patterson ("Roach No More") has a degree in biology from Florida A&M University.  She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  <ipatters@mindspring.com>
Frederick Rustam ("Fergus The Templar") is a writer who's been published by a number of zines, including Planet Magazine.  <frustam@CapAccess.org>
Ernest Slyman ("Alien Indulgence") was born in Appalachia (Elizabethton, Tennessee) and attended East Tennessee State University. He has been widely published, in The Laurel Review, The Lyric, Light: A Quarterly of Light Verse (Chicago), The New York Times, Reader's Digest, and The Bedford Introduction to Literature (St. Martins Press, edited by Michael Meyer), as well as Poetry: An Introduction (St. Martins Press, edited by Michael Meyer). <erslyman@msn.com> 
Home page:<http://www.geocities.com/soho/7514>
 A.Y. Tanaka ("The Nature of the Correspondence") was born on Maui in 1936, raised in Newark, N.J. (safer than the West Coast); lived, sometimes worked, in Puerto Rico, San Francisco, Hawaii, Chicago, Amherst, perhaps elsewhere.  His proudest achievement was inventing a phantom senior for his high school yearbook (Weequahic HS, Newark).  Since then it's been downhill.  Subsequent honors and attainments are as nought.  <tankay@hgea.org>
Theo (cover art) is an artist.  <http://www.world-net.net/users/theo/Theo_Art_Gallery.htm>.
Eldon Tyrell ("Companions") is a poet and head of the Tyrell Corp. <tyrell_corp@hotmail.com>  
URL: <http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Lab/3848/index.htm>
Craig Urquhart ("I'll Miss Those Martian Sunsets") is a freelance writer in Toronto, Canada.  He does everything from restaurant, movie and book reviews (for pleasure) to technical and procedures manuals (for money).  He also writes fiction and has lots of opinions.  <craig.urquhart@utoronto.ca>  URL: <http://www.interlog.com/~gilgames>
Rowan Wolf ("The Climb") is a writer.  <rowan@ix.netcom.com>

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