Riding Rocket Earth 


by Jean King
Flat on my back 
I grasp the grass, 
hold on tight to Rocket Earth, 
as it twirls on axis, 
wobbles and spins, 
in elliptical orbit, 
falling into the Sun, 
tumbling through galaxies 
outward bound, 
riding the curve 
on the Einstein Express. 
Space is so vast 
(and we so small) 
we don't even notice 
the spin or the fall, 
but hurry and scurry, 
eyes to the ground, 
unaware of the mysteries  
scattered around. 
Newtonian men 
on Hawking's scale, 
in blue-shifted travel 
on infinity's trail.   * 
Poem copyright ©1998 by Jean King <phoenixstar@worldnet.att.net> 

Illustration copyright ©1998 by Romeo Esparrago <romedome@aol.com>

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