Rocky Mountain Hiiiiigh!

Mountains of Olo'hyo

by Tony Chandler


The mountains are different on Olo'hyo,
As different from Earth's as rain to snow.
A fortress wall of peaks forty miles tall,
Even from orbit you must gaze in awe.

Upon their mighty shoulders gaze untrodden peaks,
Feel the magic majesty, know that which you seek.
Listen to them closely, whisper living stones,
Deep inside your heart you hear what is not shown.

Timeless there I stood alone, so high I spied the edge.
Thoughts upon eternity -- heart on solemn pledge.
Endless winds begin and cease, blow with icy gale,
Auburn shadows deepen with a mournful wail.

Night comes here to cover, with gentle silent fold,
But sense them still above you, O' lost tale untold.
Islands of Light amid darkness below now shine.
Alone and pure I wait, on these mountains divine.

Sun of Ruby shining light, upon the plain below,
On lonely trees of leaf-limbs, with mighty spirals grow.
Will memories and meaning like mountains remain?
With the rust of time, will the old songs mean the same?

Eyes of a child see all as new,
Eyes of an ancient; precious and few.



Story copyright © 1998 Tony Chandler <>

Illustration copyright © 1998 Romeo Esparrago <>




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