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Noel Ace ("Soul Tatooed") is currently a high school English teacher at Etiwanda High School in Rancho Cucamonga and enjoys writing stories in her spare time. Her publishing credits include "artisan, inc" and "Eyes," both print magazines. Her fiction can also be found on the Internet at a variety of sites, including "The Fiction Network," GeekGirl,""Vanguard," "Ibn Quirtaba," "Ascent," "Beaded Strand," "Journal X," "Feminista," "Buke's Lighthouse," "Gay Place," "Blast," "Night People," "Fantastic Fiction and Science Fiction," "Mindfield," "AAA:The Little Read Writer's Hood," "Galaxy," "Duct Tape Press," "Electronic Writer's Group Presents," "Beehive," "Writer's Web," "Pogonip," "Paradigm Shift," "Underground Informer," "Pulp," "All Mixed Up," "UxU," "Rose and Thorn," "A Writer's Choice," "Short Story Writer's Showcase," and "Dream Forge."<http://home.earthlink.net/~noelace> <noelace@earthlink.net>

Richard Behrens ("Fields of Broken Glass") is a native New Yorker. He has previously published poetry, short fiction, essays, and music and film criticism in "Parabola," "Blue Light Red Light," "Chakra," "Forbidden Lines," "Artitude," "Cinemaphobia," and "The Unsilenced Voice." He is currently a Web applications developer working for a very, very, very, very large financial company, much to his chagrin. <behrens@pipeline.com>

Tony Chandler ("Your Fear") lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife and teenage daughter. His story, "Their Songs," was selected by a panel of judges as a winner in the 1998 Dragon*Con Writers Contest. In addition to previous issues of "Planet Magazine," Tony has had stories and poetry published in "Ibn Qirtaiba," "EternityOL," "Aphelion," "Cosmic Visions," and "Dark Planet." <thunderstar5@yahoo.com>

Ray Dangel (associate editor, author & artist for "Cabbage") is Associate Editor of Planet Magazine. In addition to his previous contributions to Planet Magazine, Ray has also been recently published in The Writer's Outlet. Recently, he went to a Denver hospital on June 1 to visit a sick friend. To his great surprise, Ray awoke the next day to learn that surgeons had performed a quintuple Coronary Artery Bypass Graft on him -- a memorable experience that inspired "The Cabbage." <radangel@eazy.net>

Bruce C. Davis ("Queen Mab Courtesy") is a practicing general surgeon in Mesa, Arizona. Writing has been his avocation since childhood, but only in recent years has he begun to pursue it regularly. Bruce spent 14 years in the Navy as a general surgeon, with overseas duty in Guam, Japan, the Indian Ocean, and Saudi Arabia. He writes "hard" science fiction, usually with a military bent. His only publication so far (other than professional articles in surgical journals) has been his previous story in Planet 18 ("Search & Rescue"). Bruce lives in Mesa with a wife who tolerates his writing with amusement, two sons, and a very large dog. <us008812@mindspring.com>

Dan Dobbs ("How Are You Wired?") is a professional copywriter and a corporate journalist. He won a local one-act play contest two years in a row, and the plays were produced. He has published one humorous essay in the magazine "Outlaw Biker" and wrote a humor column for a local newspaper for a year. He will be writing a humorous column on the subject of relationships for "What If... the Magazine of the Modern Philosopher"; it should be posted in July. He is also mostly finished with a new SF novel (working title: "The Universe is a Seven-Layer Burrito"). Dan's influences range from Tom Robbins, Hunter S. Thompson, Kurt Vonnegut, and Robert Anton Wilson to Douglas Coupland, Harry Crews, Barbara Kingsolver, and, dare he say it, Dean Koontz. He lives in Durango, Colorado, with his wife and two daughters (4 and 15 months). <dhammond@dww.net>

Romeo Esparrago ("Three SciFaiku", web works, various art) and his wife Lynn live in Sacramento, which literally means "The City That Feels Like You're Living On The Surface Of The Sun During An El Nino Summer Except If You Live In Texas Or Arizona Where It's Hotter And Oh By The Way We Can Barely Keep Our Teeth Inside Our Mouths Anticipating The Coming Flood Season". Read more of Romeo's science fiction poems at <http://www.romedome.com/poetry/scifoetry>.  <public@romedome.com>

GAK (artist for "Fields of Broken Glass") is a starving artist currently living in Los Angeles...actually he's a hungry artist, not starving anymore, and he hopes to be a fat bloated artist eventually! GAK-ART can be found in some of the finest mags being produced planetwide including Terra Incognita, Shivers and Andromeda Nachrichten( from the Science Fiction Club Deutschland ). His cover for the Edward Lee-John Pelan horrorfest "SHIFTERS" was released in the spring and GAK just completed work for the History Channel program "IN SEARCH OF HISTORY:WEREWOLVES". <http://www.horrorcollector.com/gak.htm> <gakart@gateway.net>

R. Garfield ("Excerpt from the Geological Diaries, circa 2021") is a computer analyst from the Greater Vancouver ,BC,Canada area who has been writing poetry all his life (now going on 50 years). He has had several poems displayed on Poetic Express II (http://sacramento-news.com/peindex.htm) and was a member of the CompuServe Poetry forum for a number of years who once donated over 750 pocket science fiction books to a local library, to start up a scifi section. His favorite authors are Alan Dean Foster, the Flynx series in particular, Gordan R. Dickson, Wolfling being his favorite and the original Captain Future series by Hamiltion. Some of his other works can be found at <http://pw2.netcom.com/~a.s.k./rgarfield.html> <rgarfield@sprint.ca>

John Gerner ("Juggernaut") is a writer, poet, songwriter and a Clarion West '97 writer's workshop grad. His short story "'Bot Man" was published in Planet Magazine's combined issue #9 & #10. More of his creative stuff can be found at: <http://www.richmond.infi.net/~jgerner/creative.html>. <jgerner@richmond.infi.net>

Paul E. Gibson ("Bar Fly") is a part-time writer, full-time network administrator, and meta-full-time father and husband. His fiction has been published previously in "Zone 9." <ethics@jps.net> <http://www.jps.net/ethics>

Bidermeier van Leeuwonhoek (on sabbatical) is everywhere and nowhere. <c/o b.gates@eenieweeniesoft.com >

Duncan Long (artist for "Cycle", "Juggernaut") is an internationally recognized technical and fiction author with over 60 books and manuals that have gone into print. He also "moonlights" as an illustrator. He is the featured cover artist for Issue 18. You can visit his home page at <http://www.kansas.net/~duncan/Artpage> <duncan@kansas.net>

Kelly McLarnon ("Red Giant" illustration for "Excerpt...") lives in Ottawa, Ontario, and attends Lisgar Collegiate Institute. Her hobbies include figure skating and in-line skating, computer games (such as Riven, King's Quest, Space Quest, SimCity 2000, and Civilization II, not to mention the occasional mindless explosions/killing arcade game), drawing, painting, and other crafts (like making jewelry and Dream Catchers), flute and piano, and certain TV shows (the X-Files, Simpsons, and Seinfeld). One of her favorite forms of art is computer graphics, especially 3-D, and the programs she uses include Bryce 3D (her favorite), Kai's Power Tools, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw 7, Corel Photo-Paint, Corel Dream 3D, and Painter 5. You can see more of her art at <http://www.topazdesigns.com> <klm@topazdesigns.com>

Andrew Massey ("Journeyman") is in his thirties, married with no children, and lives in North Queensland, Australia. He has had only one other story published anywhere, on Apehelion's <http://www.aphelion-webzine.com> Web site, and "Journeyman" is actually the first story he wrote. Andrew works for the government, and when he's not working he does something worthwhile, like reading or writing SF and enjoying the beaches and the reef. <tsointu1@pronet.net.au>

Andrew G. McCann (editor, author & artist for "Snoworld", "Famous Alien Implants") is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma coated with layered, melted cheese. His interface with this pocket universe takes the form of Editorship and Provider of Filler Material for the Lichtenstein-based Planet Magazine. In addition, Andy is a husband, father, financial editor by day, and improv comedian by night, which keeps his multiple personalities quite busy; thank Borg for parallel processing! His home page: <http://www.planetmag.com> <andy@planetmag.com>

Martin Murphy (featured cover artist for "Alien Repairs") is a Toronto based freelance illustrator. Although he spent years painting life-sized oil on canvas portraits all his current work is done with his Power Mac and draw tablet. His passion for the slightly bizarre has been a character trait since childhood. If there were more jobs where the inside of an alien needed to be illustrated he would be in heaven. Check out his online gallery at <http://www.netcom.ca/~m.murphy> <m.murphy@netcom.ca>

Scott Perrin ("Cycle") is a student in computer science at UC Berkeley. He published the story "Mergeform" in issue #17 of the "Berkeley Fiction Review," 1997.

Frederick Rustam ("The Green City's Secrets") is a regular contributor who has also been published by a number of other 'zines. His most recent submission to Planet Magazine was "Fergus the Templar" in Issue #17. <frustam@CapAccess.org>

Eric Seaholm (artist for "Barfly ", "Pathfinder" , "Soul Tatooed") It's interesting to me the style of artwork that comes from my hand. I didn't order it, but there it is just the same. Where did the impulse come from to create that piece, in that style? Why do I call it mine? There may be no answer to this; but the idea of desire sounds right. Where there is desire, so follows action. This desire is not something I ordered, either, but there it is just the same. So, if my actions are dictated by my desires, which in turn may be influenced by the environment around me, then in essence everything came together to make this grand gesture of design. Thanks for the help everyone. My website is at <http://www.satori3.com/seaholm>. <seaholm@io.com>

Angie Smibert ("Pathfinder") is a multimedia writer/designer at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. Where she works, they do what others dream -- or at least that's what the bumpersticker says. Angie can walk outside & feel the visceral rumble of a Space Shuttle or rocket lifting off. A few buildings down the street, they're assembling a space station. (Incidentally, she wrote "Pathfinder" before working at KSC, years before the Mars Pathfinder mission.) Angie has published a few short stories in small press and electronic magazines, including "Appalachian Quarterly" & "Cosmic Landscapes." That was a few years ago, though. (So-called dream jobs can be distracting.) She is an alumni of James Gunn's Writers Workshop in Science Fiction & is an affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association. <asmibert@palmnet.net>*





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