Planet Magazine No.2 Masthead
Circulation for this mind-bending e-mag: about 315 as of 7/94


Editor & Publisher

Andrew G. McCann

Copy Editor

Toni Long

Layout & Graphics

Andrew G. McCann (bad cover art: "Smiley Sun")



Planet Magazine accepts short stories, poems, one-act plays, and odds-and-ends (use the lengths in this issue as guidelines). We want original, unpublished SF, fantasy, horror, poetry, humor, etc. (no porno, gore, or investment research). Because this e-mag is free, we can't afford to pay anything except the currency of free publicity and life-enhancing good vibes. Submissions: query first, then send stories or poems as Stuffit- or ZipIt-compressed ASCII text files to Planet comes in two flavors: a text-only file for IBM or Macintosh or a Mac-only file with a nice layout, color, and graphics. This magazine is distributed in printed form and via America Online's Science Fiction Library (keyword: science fiction; part of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Forum) or AOL's general Fiction Library (keyword: writers; part of the Writer's Club Forum); it's also available in CompuServe's SF Library (go: science fiction; part of the SF & Fantasy Forum) and in NVN's SF forum libraries (go science fiction).



All content, design, illustrations, and the names Planet and Planet Magazine are copyright © 1994 by Andrew G. McCann, unless labeled otherwise. All rights reserved. This publication has been registered with the Copyright Office of the U.S. Library of Congress. At the same time, individual stories and poems are copyright © 1994 their respective authors, who have granted Planet permission to use these works for this issue. All people and events in this magazine are entirely fictitious and bear no resemblance to actual people or events. You may freely distribute this magazine to anyone electronically and print one copy for your personal use, but do not alter or excerpt Planet without direct permission from the publisher ( Planet Magazine is published by Cranberry Street Press, Brooklyn, N.Y., Andrew G. McCann, publisher.



Composed on an Apple Quadra 605 using DOCmaker 4.02. Text set in 10 point Geneva and 12 point Helvetica; the logotype is Times. Illustrations done in Color It! 2.3. 

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