by Steve Ross

Ernst Pittsfield steps through the doorway of his ten-room house. "Honey, I'm home," he calls to the interior. From the corner of his eye he spies the familiar coat rack to his right. A smile crosses his lips.

"Have you been a good boy today, Harriet, you feisty little rascal?" He strides to the coat rack and wrestles it to the ground, rolling playfully around on the carpet with it. A nail catches his forearm and draws blood. Ernst yells "OUCH," jumps up, and smacks the coat rack several times on its round, wooden base.

"Bad boy!" he reprimands.

Ernst walks to the kitchen and puts his arm around the oven. "Hi, Honey. Did you see what Harriet just did to me?" He bends down and kisses the front left burner. 

Story copyright © 1994 Steve Ross.
Illustration copyright © 1994 by Andrew G. McCann.

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