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Into the Sun

by Tony Chandler



Straight into the sun, I make my weary way.

Blinded by the searing light, never could I stray.

The farther that we go, the farther that we see,

everywhere, everywhere... more galaxies.

Where was the edge? Where is the edge?

Little did we know...


Blinding on narrow and faster by fast,

Day after day from future to past.

Endless it seems, the circle won't end,

But perception's truth, the lie will bend.


Dreams are born,

and dreams will die...

Like a dead man's tears.

Like a lover's sigh.

The heart will courage hold, steeled against the pain.

Even when all is lost; there is something we can gain.


Straight into the white-hot sun, words so light to say;

Need more than want, Love more than play.

Heart and soul.


Passion's flames writhe and dance where breathless whispers lay.

Love consumed begins anew. Never does it stay.

Only from the heart.


Forgotten dead on the battlefield,

Broken sword, shattered shield.

Footsteps on the highest peak,

Victory and Legend speak.


And if the dream does truly disappear...

For a moment, closely, we held it dear.

Dream. *




Poem copyright © 1998-1999 by Tony Chandler <>

Artwork "Blinded by the Night" copyright © 1998-1999 by Romeo Esparrago <>




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