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Planet Says: "Happy Holidays, Be You Human or Alien!"

Charles Albano ("Two SciFaiku") has been writing poetry for several years. His writings now appear on many Internet sites and address the subjects of nature, self-insight, romance, children, humor, science fiction, and business. His work is located and indexed on his Web site: Adaptive Leadership <http://www.adaptive-leadership.com>. <charlesalbano@webtv.net>

Kyle Anderson (co-artist for "Goddog"), after working in the field of industrial design for several years, started at a multi-media start-up company called Human Code in Austin, Texas, where he learned digital illustration and interface design. In 1997, Codeworks, an entertainment division of Human Code, was formed to produce a 100% 3-D anime-style television cartoon series called "Mission to Avalon." It was then that Kyle learned Lightwave from a master... Sergio Rosas (thanks, Serge!) and began producing 3-D animations for "Mission to Avalon." In Sept. 98 Kyle left Human Code to continue working with Chipp and co. at Red Echo in Austin. As of Oct. 19, for financial reasons, Red Echo is no more. Kyle is now seeking contract work or possibly full-time work as an art director/artist specializing in the areas of production design and 3-D animation. Email: <kyle@redecho.com> Home Page: http://www.redecho.com/kyle/mepage.htm Other work can be seen at: http://www.mediabeast.com/geistig/intro.html.

Noel Bebee (Artwork for "To Strike A Timeless Chord", "Two SciFaiku"): "Art of the strange variety has always interested me. I have tried doing conventional work, but I just can't get into it. Any piece of work that is well done is good work to me, but strange subject matter just grabs me harder. I like to work with themes that viewers might not get right away until they have been around the work for awhile. I try to give my little world its own type of beauty. An art critic, John Graham ( now deceased), once said that my work "typified an obsession with the flowers of evil, beautiful but malignant". I feel this explains more about my work or what I try and put into it than any explanation that I could come up with on my own. I must add that if it weren't for the prodding and pushing but mostly the encouragement of my wife (who is also an artist), I would probably not even try to restart my career." You can see more of Noel's work at the "Out of Line" Web site: http://www.artoutofline.com. Email: <outofnk@mts.net>

F. Alexander Brejcha (our featured writer and author of "The Cure") has been published in such magazines as Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Science Fiction Age, Artemis, and Absolute Magnitude. Several of his stories have been nominated for the Nebula Award and have gotten Honorable Mentions in the 7th & 8th editions of the Year's Best Science Fiction Annual Collections. He came to America from Sweden in 1968 at the age of 10 -- and immediately fell in love with science fiction. He turned to writing in the late eighties when rapidly developing M.S. made it impossible to continue his art studies. With fifteen publications in Analog, and with stories and articles published or pending in several other magazines and newspapers (bibliography with some links at http://www.netreach.net/~abrejcha/biblio.htm ), he presently divides his time between writing non-fiction and science fiction, disability advocacy, and working full-time as a night-shift hospital telephone operator/trauma dispatcher (where a wheelchair doesn't slow him down). Visit his Web site at http://www.netreach.net/~abrejcha to find a wide range of disability resources and articles as well as science fiction and writing resources, and links to some of his work. Email: <abrejcha@netreach.net>

Gretchen Brinck ("Genesis") is a medical social worker and struggling writer in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has several completed mystery manuscripts in drawers. A few of her fantasy stories have appeared in the now defunct small magazine "Innisfree". For the past six years she researched and wrote a non-fiction book about a series of child murders in her county. This book, titled "The Boy Next Door", will be published in September 1999 by Kensington Publishing. When she finished that book she suffered writer's block until she meditated on a succulent called a Living Stone, which inspired "Genesis" <gbrinck@aol.com>

Tony Chandler ("Into The Sun"), who has written several times for Planet Magazine, has also written for The Little Read Writing Hood, Eternity -- The Online Journal of Speculative Fiction, Aphelion -- Webzine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Dark Planet, Australia's Ibn Qirtaiba, and Cosmic Visions. Tony has also been featured in Ibn Qirtaiba's special Internet convention SciCon 2, as well as having written "Their Songs", which won Third Place in the 1998 Dragon*Con Fiction Contest. He says, "The Truth is out there... and it's in this episode. Read for pleasure, Learn something new everyday, and always Love. I try to write, but reality keeps getting in the way." <thunderstar5@yahoo.com>

Christopher Clagg ("The Green War") is mostly a married guy with three sons, a beautiful wife, and a daylight job in the computer department for a small Eastern college in Florida. Other than that, he writes ideas in the middle of the night, some good and some not so good. He also likes to surf the Web and read the 'zines. He loves SF and fantasy, but somehow writes a lot of drama (go figure). His fan fiction site: <http://erau.db.erau.edu/~claggc> <claggc@bellsouth.net>

Ray Dangel (dog-lazy Associate Editor) sent nothing for our December issue, mumbling something about open-heart surgery. Besides Planet, Ray's writing has been published in Lighthouse Inkwell at http://www.lighthousewriters.com/, and The Writers' Outlet at http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Troy/2893/index.html/. His story, "A Matter of Trust," has been accepted by Anotherealm, a speculative fiction site at http://www.anotherealm.com/zine/. <radangel@eazy.net>

Romeo Esparrago ("Interplanetary Tanka", various illustrations) not only was born under the sign of Capricorn, which means he loves the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" (Frank Capra's corny film), but also was born during the Year of the Dragon, which means that when he speaks, people get fired up. Note: if you, or anyone you know, has complaints about the silliness of this bio, please contact your local Burger King immediately, or write to: Elliott Ness, c/o "Unsolved Mysteries", Lunar City, LUNA 10001. Don't forget to click on his artwork to get a pleasant, larger surprise! <http://www.romedome.com>.  <public@romedome.com>

GAK (artist for "The 7th Night") is a starving artist currently living in Los Angeles...actually he's a hungry artist, not starving anymore, and he hopes to be a fat bloated artist eventually! GAK-ART can be found in some of the finest mags being produced planetwide including last issue's Planet Mag, Terra Incognita, Shivers and Andromeda Nachrichten( from the Science Fiction Club Deutschland ). His cover for the Edward Lee-John Pelan horrorfest "SHIFTERS" was released in the spring and GAK just completed work for the History Channel program "IN SEARCH OF HISTORY:WEREWOLVES". <http://www.horrorcollector.com/gak.htm> <gakart@gateway.net>

Maryann Hazen ("After Thoughts From An Abduction ") is the mom of two teenage daughters, Heather and Rachel, and the wife of a very wonderful man named Michael, living in New York State. She is a Medical Transcriptionist and college student. She enjoys Renaissance Fairs, Science Fiction/Horror/Fantasy, gardening, needlepoint, painting birdhouses, and poeting-more-than-anything-else. She does not enjoy cleaning the kitchen, driving for more than an hour, gnats, flip-flops, or thong underwear. :o) Good fortune has seen her works published in more than thirty-five magazines, both in print and electronically, during the past year. Poetry is simply a passion for her. During the month of August, her poem "Nana Never Got Naked" was honored as 'Poem Of The Month' in Abraxis Magazine. One of her poems, "Thankfulness," has found its way to public radio WUCX 90.1 in Michigan. She has read much of her work on the local public radio station and has a guest appearance on "The Helen Weiner Show" (local TV broadcasting) scheduled for this coming October. Maryann is currently involved in a Round Table discussion for an upcoming issue of Perihelion, which has been a great pleasure for her. <Faerhart2@aol.com>

Kalazar <artist for "Pondering a Distant, Ancient Light"> is a graphics Web designer of original, free SciFi themed graphics, and is currently creating the graphics for a new video game called NetherGoth. She has a permanent exhibit at the Mining Co Artist Exchange Gallery, as well as original SciFi and Mundane greeting cards available at www.kalazar.com, with a larger collection of original works at <http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Zone/2544/>. Email: <kalazar@earthlink.net>.

gopal Krishna Senthil Kumar <artist for "The Observation Game">, having done his degree in Applied Art, couldn't hold confidence in that field, which made him take a diploma in Animation Film Design from Nation Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. He is currently working as a creative designer involved in in-house MM presentations, product demos, CBIs, etc., with Infosys Technologies Ltd., India. As an animator, he says, he failed again, as he couldn't create a chance to make or be part of any films, except his two diploma films. With this journey he never lost the central characteristic of his career, which is illustration. Basically, his fields of interest are spirits, after-death phenomena, psychology, science fiction, and character design. Depicting pain is a favorite subject of his; he always keep wondering about the other "ends," the opposites. Accepting these ends gives him a lot of hope and confidence to think beyond the conventional. Home page: <http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/parklands/153>. Email: <senthilgk@inf.com>.

[Name removed at author's request] ("")



Duncan Long (artist for "The Green War", "After Thoughts from an Abduction") is an internationally recognized technical and fiction author with over 60 books and manuals that have gone into print. He also "moonlights" as an illustrator. He is the Featured Cover Artist for Issue# 18. You can visit his home page at <http://www.kansas.net/~duncan/Artpage> <duncan@kansas.net>

Paul Lukasewych ("Two Heads") is a university student in Ontario, Canada. He and his wife, Kate, celebrated their first year of marriage in November. Email: <Xanaxus@aol.com>.

Mark W. Johnson ("The Manticore Incident") has been writing for several years, but has not given up his day job. His work has been published in "Shadowsword", "Spellbound", "Nuthouse", "Satire", "Gambit", "Phantasm", "Phantasmagoria", "Diaries of the Damned", "the kore", and other small-press publications. He currently edits the "Mensassippian", the newsletter of Mississippi Mensa. Email: <MJohnson38@aol.com>

Andrew G. McCann ("Supermodels with Cigar Breath") is Editor of Planet Magazine, Writer of Fake Letters, and Maker of Marginal Comments. Currently, he is humanoid in form, but his dream is to one day be a hyper-intelligent Tyrannosaurus Rex roaming the surface of a terra-formed Mars. His Home Page: <http://www.planetmag.com> His Email: <andy@planetmag.com>

Frederick Rustam ("Handle of the Cross") is a regular contributor whose last submission to Planet Magazine, "The Green City's Secrets" on Issue #19, introduced the characters Simon and Lilly in their search for the fabulous Flame Stone. <frustam@CapAccess.org>

Eric Seaholm (Featured Artist for the Cover, "Always Amber", "The Food Chain", co-artist for "Goddog") says "It's interesting to me the style of artwork that comes from my hand. I didn't order it, but there it is just the same. Where did the impulse come from to create that piece, in that style? Why do I call it mine? There may be no answer to this; but the idea of desire sounds right. Where there is desire, so follows action. This desire is not something I ordered, either, but there it is just the same. So, if my actions are dictated by my desires, which in turn may be influenced by the environment around me, then in essence everything came together to make this grand gesture of design. Thanks for the help, everyone." Eric is one of Planet Mag's most prolific artists for both this issue and Issue #19. <http://www.satori3.com/seaholm><seaholm@io.com>

Wendy A. Simpson ("His Daughter's Madness") is a Financial Service Advisor (the actual title) at a bank, but her "career" has been fantasy writing since the age of 20. At 30, she's the original Delaware native, happily single, and has had two short stories published, one in a paper magazine called "Lost Worlds" and the other in "Shadowsword". She has had three others accepted by "Shadowsword", but unfortunately it has closed. She has had several poems published in a now-closed digest magazine. This is her first (and hopefully not the last) attempt at online publishing. Her hobbies are computers, (of course), Playstation, television and cinema, and cooking. Email: <LadyBard@msn.com>. No Web site as of yet, but she's seriously considering creating one, and would welcome any suggestions.

Scott Speck ("Return to Eden") works as a software engineer with the Hubble Space Telescope Project in Baltimore, Maryland. He writes on a variety of topics, including human relationships, erotica, animals, technology, and the beauty and power of Nature. Home page: <http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/8513/scott.html>
Email: <speck@stsci.edu>

Billy Tackett (artist for "The Manticore Incident", "Two Heads") says "I am a freelance artist currently living in captivity in central Kentucky. I'm a self taught artist. I really don't have any credits under my belt except some illustrations I did for Art & Love on the Net (and the cartoon I designed for the guy who holds the world's record for eating the most nightcrawlers to use on T-shirts), but I hope to change that soon. It's been hard to get started given my location (this ain't the most receptive area for my type of art), but since I've gone online things are picking up at a rapid pace. Wish I had done it sooner. Hope you enjoy my work." Email: <Arcadi@aol.com>

G.W. Thomas ("Goddog") lives in Central British Columbia. His work has appeared in "Writer's Digest", "The Armchair Detective", and "Contact". He makes and sells horror pottery. He is editor of the SF/F/H Web-zine, "Chuck's Bargain Basement", at <http://www.pgweb.com/chucks>.

Robert Thorn ("The 7th Night") is a writer/musician living in Dallas, Texas. He has worked primarily as a musician for the last ten years, touring and recording with several bands throughout the U.S. and Europe. Recently, Thorn turned his focus on his goal to become a writer as well, drawing influence from his life on the road and exposure to larger-than-life characters. His projects, both written and musical, bridge the gap between the two mediums, sharing themes of horror, sci-fi, and dark fantasy, including a cast of often disturbing characters. He is at work on a novel and has recently released a self-driven musical project under the moniker "The Killcreeps", on his own Angry Planet Records. The "7th Night," in an altered form, was originally published in "Yawning Vortex" (Vol. 3, No. 1). After a recent encounter with several unearthly creatures descending from the heated Texas sky, Thorn has decided to re-release this story with additional gruesome details based on the event. For more information on projects past and present, visit Angry Planet Webworld at <http://www.flash.net/~aplanet>. Direct love/hate letters to <angryplanet@hotmail.com>.

s.c. virtes ("The Observation Game") has been a contributor to Planet Magazine starting with Issue #7 (September 1995). He is a prolific creator of over 200 poems, stories, and illustrations since 1986. Fiction: <http://www.scvs.com/scv/fic>. Non-fiction: <http://www.scvs.com/stamp/>. "AlphaDrive" SF Web-zine: <http://www.scvs.com/alpha/>. Email: <scv@scvs.com>

Hathno Paige ("Food Chain") grew up on Mars, the only son of a local mining family. When he finally became the family scion, he traded it all for a one-way ticket to Earth and the life of a writer. "Food Chain" is Hathno's first piece of fiction to be published. Email: <hathno@hotmail.com>

David Niall Wilson ("To Strike a Timeless Chord") was born in southern Illinois in the Year of Someone's Lord, 1959... and from there things went straight down hill. He graduated from Charleston High School in June 1977 and went straight into the U.S. Navy to escape small-town Illinois and life with stepfather. David spent the next few years moving from school to school, ship to ship, and country to country, drinking, enjoying various chemical stimuli, and insisting during rare lucid moments that he was "a writer." In the mid-Eighties he ran afoul of the Navy "zero tolerance" program, and during that slightly extended period of lucidity, took the "Writer's Digest" Writing to sell Fiction course under the tutelage of the venerable J. N. Williamson, and from then on was able to say "I am a *horror* writer," which was a vast improvement. David resides in a big, haunted-looking Colonial house in Norfolk, Va., with his beautiful wife, JoAnne, and two boys, Zach and Zane. He still works for the Navy, but as Mr. Wilson, or Sir. His first sales were to Cavalier and Nugget, and he now has nearly 100 short-story sales, pro and not, a collection, five novels sold, three published, and is moving into screen-writing and television pitches. His work will be appearing with Stephen King in "Robert Bloch's Psychos" later this year. For more biographical details, visit <http://www.sff.net/people/dniall.wilson/bio.htm>. His bibliography is at <http://www.sff.net/people/dniall.wilson/biblio.htm> and his home page is <http://www.sff.net/people/dniall.wilson>. Email: <shadows@erols.com>.

Staci Layne Wilson ("Always Amber") lives in the Southern California beach community of San Pedro with her husband, four cats and three horses. Staci had her first article published in a national magazine at the age of twelve, and has been writing ever since. Ever ecclectic, her stories range from children's (Patches -- A Christmas Pony) to adult entertainment (be sure and check out her erotic short story in the book Seductions, being released December 1998). Website: <http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Metro/8947>. <staciwilson@geocities.com>



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